This is My Body

Stop right now and watch, This is My Body by Jason Stefaniak, and go share it with everyone you know. Then–and only then– come back and read this.

I don’t need a hero and I don’t need saving– because I’m not in distress.

Love this. I’m not sure though that the Vagina Attacking Republicans ever intended to save anyone. At least not anyone who now, or in the past, rocked a set of ovaries.

My pursuit of orgasm is neither unnatural, nor dangerous, nor scary, nor an infringement of your religious activity.

I mean, really. Female orgasms aren’t mysterious– most of the women in my cohort are doing just fine. Or perhaps John Boehner’s fear is that we will tell his wife how to achieve one? And then she’ll know he’s been lying to her all these years?

Vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina– labia– vagina, vagina, vagina– clitoris.

I determine who, and what, goes into my vagina.

If I wanted something hard and plastic in my vagina, I would buy a vibrator. However, writing legislation to force women into having transvaginal ultrasounds prior to performing abortions sounds a lot like forced vaginal penetration. Which sounds like rape.

Okay, I have just a wee tangent here, thanks to 3 hours of reading the 2013 proposed budget, and then trying to comparing it back to budgets from 2006, 2007, and 2008.

I’m a fiscal conservative, y’all! I very much OPPOSE the amount of money spent on the global war on terrorism (current new favorite Bushism is a line item in the DoD budget marked “other” for 900 billion-ish dollars), the war on drugs, and corn subsidies. Very much OPPOSE.

According to the 2010 US census there are 156,964,212 women in the US. Of course, getting an accurate count on the rates of forcible rape is difficult– made more so by how the event is defined for analysis purposes.

The numbers are horrifying.

In 2007 the Office on Violence Against Women (as part of the DOJ) received 2.7 million dollars.

On page 24 of a November 2007 JEC report, they note spending $432 million dollars per day in Iraq.

Yup, that’s small spending all right.

Allowing myself to be penetrated once does not assume your right to do it again.

I don’t pray, but AMEN. I went down a rabbit hole filled with rape/sexual assault laws (did you know that the US doesn’t have a national definition for rape?) and came out the other side feeling sad and ashamed.

To sum up how I feel? The parameters of these laws suck.

I know my physical and mental strength.

We’ve come too far in our quest for equality to stop now.