For you to be right

For you to be right, I don’t have to be wrong. Or vice versa. Well, unless you are arguing about 2 + 2 and my answer is 5, because then I’m wrong. I can argue about science (no the dinosaurs were not chilling with the caveman), but I can’t say for certain whether there is something on the other side of the black hole. Science has proven one, but not the other. And whether ye be full of faith or secularly inclined, that stuff is personal.

I had a conversation with a believer friend (sorry, SWR!) about why non-believers shouldn’t celebrate Christmas (or Xmas, or Krismas, etc.). I’ve been involved in debates about the appropriateness in supporting (boycotting) businesses based on their insistence for including (excluding) the word “Christmas” this time of year. Meh- I don’t go out of my way in either direction just because of a phrase. Now, if you are an asshat company like Chick-fil-A, that’s different. If you happen to be an asshat company that also uses eggs in their nuggets when you have egg-allergic children, even better for maintaining my boycott.

**Weep, I really loved chick fil a. But pinterest might have saved me from my sadness. **

We are a family of nonbelievers. Well, two of us are nonbelievers; the Small People, currently strong believers* in The Santa, will have to decide on their own spiritual flavor. But my non-believing self simply adores (until about now– right this moment, I’m sort of done with the whole thing) all of the hoopla surrounding the very pagan celebration of this time of year. Why? Look outside. December is a grey, depressing month. Often cold, though here that is not often met with snow. This year it’s just grey and hot. Which is also depressing.

**By the way, the eldest of the Small People is still a quasi-believer, despite last year’s abrupt murder of Santa. “By baby Jesus, no less. I say quasi, because he’s skeptical partly because of the murdering thing and partly because he’s hold enough to have philosophical conversations with his peebs.

That tree? The mistletoe? That yule log? Those holly wreaths? All of them originated long before christianity. A nice smelling tree and/or yule log makes total sense if you are of European decent– where the winters were long, the days dark, and the mass of people stuck in the same building were ripe with the funk from being inside. Oh, and especially if your heat was provided via fire, and you could possibly have need of dry wood. All of this I explained to the oldest of the Small People, which led to my also explaining that there was once a time when people had to carve bowls out of rocks, instead of buying them from Target.

Him: “But that’s gross, Mom. Animals pee on rocks.
SL: “Yeah, they didn’t have soap either. Or cars. Or glass. Or google.
Him: No google? But how did they figure out how to make the rest of the stuff without google?”

**grin, that’s mah boy.”**

In general, I don’t much care about the why of people celebrating. I’m very much of a do-your-own-thing-until-you-get-snotty-about-me-doing-my-own-thing type of person. Or until you try and pass legislation solely motivated on your thing. That ain’t cool.

The definition of the reason for the season is a personal one, but the origins? Not open for so much interpretation– and what does it matter? For heaven’s sake, if you want to decorate your tree with a thousand glass baby jesus ornaments, I could care less. But judge ye not my tree filled with ornaments like this:

There’s enough holiday cheer for everyone. Except for those (and there are way too many) struggling just to pay their bills and feed their families. They could use some holiday cheer from all of us.