It’s Okay to be Takei

A facebook page, It’s Okay to be Takei, made Z is a celebrity of sorts. Again.
When we did that whole Rally to Restore sanity thing, I hastily scraped out a last minute sign.

It made people laugh– how could it not? How many times does a parent say to the average kid, to “get themselves under control” (or, in my less-Dr. Sear’s world — “to suck it up”)? So…here we are, a bunch of adults, making behavior demands of our children. Demands that those same adults cannot (or will not) meet for themselves.

If your reading this and looking at your computer thinking, WTF are you talking about? I’m talking about gay rights, Tennessee, Facebook, and George Takei.
No, seriously.

If you live under a rock, you might not know that the Tennessee senate has wasted some time passing a discrimination bill. Never mind that Tennessee’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average (9.6 and 9.0, respectively).

Never mind that states will continue to struggle to find the revenue needed to support critical public services for a number of years, threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs. Yes, Tennessee is one of those struggling states.

The possibility that a teacher might talk about same sex parents was enough. But never fear– George Takei has solved the problem by replacing gay with Takei. See people, there’s is always a reach around… er, work around to life’s problems.

Really Tennessee? You spent time on this? Oh wait, NC is joining in, with their own defending marriage proposal.

Hey, I guess if you can’t fix the real problems (unemployment, poverty, health, education, infrastructure) focusing your efforts on making sure no teacher says the “G” word is the next best thing, hunh?

But wait. The bill’s sponsor, Republican Stacey Campfield, says “homosexuals don’t naturally reproduce”. Um, Stacey– how are you defining natural reproduction there, sport? Because there a lot of heterosexual couples that use fertility treatments… guess those babies aren’t natural? Is that what you are saying, Stacey?

Stacey, do you hate gay people because you’re a guy named Stacey?

Please lawmakers, let’s continue to pontificate, wasting both time and money, to pass discrimination laws. Ain’t that America. No seriously. Our ripe national history of discrimination and bigotry is getting down right embarrassing. Well, embarrassing for those of us that recognize that being a bigot is actually, you know, wrong.

Quick show of hands– how many of you are cynical enough to think that ol Stacey is going to get his hand caught in the rainbow cookie jar?