SOC: Guess that screw was important

SOC= Stream of Consciousness. Or System Organ Class, if you ever did clinical research.


5 minutes. No editing. Oh dear.

I have a tendency to futz with the internal workings of computers–not that I know anything about the aforementioned. And when the machine is already broken? Oh boy, that’s free reign.

Until you break it more– which is what I did. There is a screw missing from the inside, which ironically has been floating around my desk for about 3 months (that would be when the damn thing broke, initially). Even more eye-rolling is that I just threw the errant, teeny-tiny thing away this morning.

See people, this is why I’m a hoarder-light. I’ll never know if the reason the old laptop won’t start anymore is only because of that one missing screw. And there’s no way in Hades I’m going to dig through the trash looking for it, either. Now what to do with a broken computer?

Oh, and there is a sink/vanity combo hanging out in my hallway–just in case any one comes over and is all, “WTF”? This means that renovation number #17000 is starting soon. Boo. We’re going to have a second shower. YAY!

I found pictures on my memory card from Christmas. One of them included Z dressed as Spiderman, watching a Spiderman cartoon. So cute. I really want him to get into X-Men though, because I would dig being Rogue. It’s too Freud for me to “play” Mary Jane. Plus the only superpower she has is getting herself in trouble and needing to be saved. L-ame.

Time’s up.
Hey! That worked for keeping well under 1000 words. Should probably try this more often!