Why DIY?

Warning: Image Heavy!

I get accused of being cheap at least weekly. Personally, I prefer frugal, or to use the latest buzzword for practitioners of the frugal– Upcycle. A fair bit of it frugality and being all eco-happy. Why DIY? A fair chunk originates with just being here more, seeing ugly too much. Or trying to get really old and ugly truly clean. Why DIY? Personal satisfaction for something, that once done will remain done for the time I live here.

Is my DIY craftsman perfect? No way. Will the next owners notice the little thing that’s going to drive them bonkers every day before they move in? Probably not.

This picture sums it up. See that big smile on my face? And that’s after we busted the pipes, semi-flooded part of the basement, and went without water for 24 hours. I’m just saying– I love this stuff. Mr. Unhappy likes the result enough to continue entertaining my “it’ll be fun” even while scoffing my “it’ll take, like, 3 hours.” Plus he has that upper-body strength thing that I lack.

In retrospect, I’m not sure how I talked JB into buying this house.

Master Half Bath- Before (started for serious April 2011):

Oh look– the original wallpaper.

This vinyl flooring? Easy. Waterproof. Looks fantastic.

Zach doesn’t like bad smells. Pulling up a 40 year old toilet qualifies as mask-worthy.

Master Full Bath– After (July 2011, mostly. Just need accent pieces)

No giant sink cabinet that had to be cut in half to remove. Much smaller replacement. Toilet that flushes 1700 gallons each time? Nope– new eco-friendly buttons. A second shower.

Ahh–sheet tile. You are some lovely stuff. I’ll meet you again.

This is going to be the accent color. Yes, I am going to sew some rendition of this one myself. Why DIY? Because the craftsmanship and materials don’t add up to a $195 shower curtain.

Zach thought our new bathroom looked joyful (exact words). He was less complimentary about the hall bathroom.

Hall- Before
That contact paper is vintage, baby.

Those pipes totally needed to be fixed anyway. The flooding wasn’t too bad and I got to learn how to use a blow torch. But it did kill my 3 hour timeline hopes.

Hall– After
Now begins the paint battle. Zach loves red, and there isn’t any red anywhere to be found in our house. I know this because he’s brought it up. I mean, he didn’t ask to paint the walls black.

But it can’t be all red. Not with that rocking blue-aqua bathtub tile. So don’t feel like dealing with the bathroom tile right now. But I needed to test different shades, so I used their Crayola paint to do some color combination testing.