Air Force One

President Obama traveled to Chapel Hill today, which means Air Force One landed at RDU. After dropping Z at school, I asked E if he might want to take a little ride, maybe see some planes.

And… 3 hours later, we got to see Airforce One take off– totally cool. Because I’m a dork.

Most of this adventure from Elliot’s POV? Perhaps not as exhilarating, though he met bunches of new friends to play with, so all was not lost.

A pictorial representation of a 3 year old’s first Air Force One sighting
Why does Mom keep laughing and mumbling about “seeing the Force through the trees”.

Is there something Starwars going on over there? Nope, just some blue plane.

Now, that guy has a big camera. Let’s make faces at him.

I believe someone told me not to climb this…

I hate the wind. I hate the cold. I hate planes. Why won’t she take me home? Are there snacks in this giant suitcase thing? Dammit, not even a crumb. Perhaps it can double as a blanket? Since I have negative 25% body fat. UNLIKE THE WOMAN WITH THE CAR KEYS UP THERE.

Ahhhh… a windbreak over here in General Aviation. And a GIANT plane. Why exactly where we on the other side, freezing our arses off?

An ADHD 35 year old’s take on seeing Airforce one for the first time.

Oh cool, a tail fin
Refrain from inserting a hundred photos taken of randomness; because I could, and because I was bored.

Hello Mr. Not-Fancy Pants Photographer with a Press Pass. I’m taakkiinnnggg your piccctttuuurreee.

Wait. Scooter Man with Guitar? HAS ANYONE CHECKED TO MAKE SURE THAT’S NOT A SAWED OFF SHOTGUN? Because who rides a scooter to the airport?

A bunch of cars
See those teeny-tiny lights over the building? That would be the presidential motorcade. Which JB saw in traffic on his way to pick up Z from preschool. 30 feet away. Did he take a picture with his smart phone? Nnooooo….. *sob*

Finally, I see the end of my own boredom, when what do I hear from down below? From a tiny voice that is now wrapped in his coat, and my jacket, and using my purse as a blanket?

Mommy, I really have to pee

Y’all. I looked at him and thought– just for a second–

how bad would it be to let him just wet his pants?

Then I shook off asshole-mom– because what mom would do that?– and took the child to the bathroom.

And still made it out in time to see Air Force One taxi down the runway.

I can’t help it– every time I see one of them I start singing “here come the men in black”.

Then a little field trip over to General Aviation, because the motorcade vehicles roll separate plane, y’all. Of course, I kept calling this a C-130, which it’s not. Thank google for the correction– U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III .

It’s like watching a tiny fish swim past an orca.

I’m not sure how this random family got a tour of the plane, but having your picture taken by the pilot of this massive beast kicks ass!

This plane has nothing to do with anything, but I love how the picture turned out, so here ya go.