Llama Llama

I’m taking the theory of the 5 minute stream of consciousness thing from Fadra, despite today being a Thursday and not a Sunday, to talk about the Llama Llama books. I’ll probably do this more often as an effort to stop writing what JB calls, “funny, but still too damn long” posts.

Children’s books can be done well or horrible. The in-between kid’s book? I haven’t met that one. I’ve met the ones that I don’t love because they are too long, but that’s a me thing and can’t technically be blamed on the book. Otherwise a small child’s book should be full of rhyme, rhythm and repetition. They have like 30 words– do them well.

Last night when I went to pick up the next 15 books for us, the librarian said– “Oh, you’re Stephanie. I see your name every day, nice to meet ya!” Why? Because I sit on amazon, looking for books and then go over to the library website to check them out. I felt like someone famous– even if only in my own little world.

I’m totally in love with Anna Dewdney, author of the Llama Llama series. More importantly E loves her, too and identifies much with Llama Llama’s misbehavior. Llama Llama MAD AT MOMMA— I hear this a lot. And he hears, Enough of the Llama Drama. I’m now looking for a Llama doll that is both cute, cuddly and not $50. Let me know if you find one.

I sure hope that the red pajama one keeps him in bed at night. As much as I love snuggling with sleeping kids, I’m sort of done with the 3am snuggle with giggle-child-who-pulls-hair.

It’s even funnier to me because back in the day, Other Self had decided to leave corporate America to raise Llamas. Not just for the fur, but because of a random article in Scientific American about using their blood to fight some superbug. I think, I can’t find the original article in my self-induced time limit. Anyway, it led to a lot of work jokes about me the Llama farmer and my friends included a teeny-tiny Llama doll in my random Baby Basket of gifts.

Alright- my time is up and it’s time to get everyone off to the park. Z decided he wanted to stay quiet yesterday after overdoing it the day after his surgery. Now he and E have two days worth of gee-gee-gee energy to get rid of. Me too, honestly.