Oh! The Places You’ll Go

Oh! The places you’ll go–┬áDr. Seuss made some really excellent points, didn’t he?

– I don’t buy all the coolest new toys.
– I like to decorate, but I like to DIY. Paying more than something is worth causes chest pains, nor will I fill my life with Made In China plastic crap.
– I think homemade Halloween costumes are the best thing ever– bonus points if the kids help to make them.
– I love consignment sales, thrift shops, yard sales, and craigslist.
– I think TarMart (aka, Target + Walmart– one really isn’t better than the other, in my opinion) is symbolic for a large chunk of the American problem– ennui mixed with over-consumption. I am also addicted to both places, thus 1) I don’t go, and 2) anytime I do enter into either one, spend a minimum of $130. It’s hard to be an addict.
– All of the money I once spent at TarMart now gets spent at fabric and craft stores. I still overspend, but at least I have to help make the end result.

Never-mind that Zach already responds to my “we could make that” with “or we could buy it from the store.” Whatever, he’ll appreciate it all later and it’s fun for me right now. And, oh! The places you’ll (both) go if you just stick with me!

And though I view the mall as one of the seven levels of hell, I find trekking through the woods in search of a waterfall-type thing I saw on google maps to be pretty darn cool. And I have the perfect friend for it, too– another ADHD-having, Bad Ass Mama who, whether through lack of impulse control (zOMG, is that place safe?), or her own ennui will trek off with me. Bonus? Her Small Person shares birth month, year, and temperament with Zach. It’s a nice fit, all the way around.

Of course, when they started hanging out, they were the Small People in the boat. Now they are like, for real, Small People.

Then Elliot, whose first waterfall viewing was in the mountains of NC at 7 months old. And now a bona fide Small Person.

Curiosity and a quest for adventure is how how we came upon this place, on a random Monday wandering. And me, without my fancy camera.

Looking for the path. Since paths off the greenway aren’t so nicely paved.

The waterfall!

I spent too much time screeching, “don’t pick that up/crawl under that/etc.” slightly concerned with yucks like snakes, poisonous spiders, venomous snakes, syringes and condoms. We ran across none of the above.

The inglorious zoom of a camera phone.


Real women hike with cat ears and a magnifying glass.

The threw a lot of rocks.

It’s so random, and obviously abandoned.

Look, a shell!

There’s a perfect hole in the fence. But even I, law-bending citizen that I sometimes am, wouldn’t hop through there. At least not with the kids.

There you have it. While places like Chuck E Cheese and the Children’s Museum certainly have their place in childhood, so also do places like the woods and the river bank.