The Easiest Way to Store Lego Bricks

Flashback Friday! ┬áThis one is from way back in August 2012– and is still the method in use today.

Yesterday I promised to show all of you how to sort and store Lego bricks. This Lego storage system met my two largest needs:

      1) cheap,


    2) easily understood by the 34, 5.5, and 3.5 year old male people.

There. You’re welcome.

The Three Faces of Lego Peeve

Finding the best Lego storage solution seems to occupy way more of my attention than appropriate.

I’m the only person that cared about maintaining the Separation of Lego Components, investing hours of time in the sorting and labeling of Lego storage systems, each new system more elaborate and separatist than its predecessor.

Mistake Number One: Investing that much emotion in the State of Lego’s Infrastructure Policy.

Mistake Number Two: Excluding Ambassadors from State of Lego during the planning phases of the Infrastructure Policy.

Mistake Number Three: Demanding Expecting adherence to the Infrastructure Policy and delivering harsh sanctions for noncompliance.

Yesterday I performed an admirable step-jerk-hop to avoid demolishing a Knex creation, only to over-correct, lose my balance, and land– barefoot– on an abandoned pile of Lego bricks and tiles.

Finally taking a closer look around, I noticed my carefully sorted and labeled drawers where upended on the floor, and those not on the floor coated the entire surface of a Lego table re-purposed from the drop-side crib of death.

You see the surrender? Well, I guarantee that I have the best Lego storage solution developed just for you. My readers. My fellow Lego-peeve sufferers.

And in the infamous words of another brilliantly famous red-head: Tomorrow! Tomorrow!