Glitter Explosion

Is most definitely not gold. Except in the following circumstances:

1) Less than 3 years old
2) Have spent the morning being summarily ignored by your older sibling and his friends.
3) Have spent the morning being shooed away by three different adults.
4) The last words aforementioned adults uttered were, “go find something to do”.
5) Happen to notice a basket full shiny tubes. Within reach.

Well. Then all the glitters is absolutely gold. Golden opportunity.

At least Elliot came out and told on himself. There was a glue stick in that basket, too. The glitter/glue combination? That would have ended…badly.

I walked in there, followed closely by two other moms, and my first reaction was to laugh. Apparently, I’m lacking in the general good humor reaction lately, if I’m to believe the amount of disbelief in Zach’s reaction of; “Wait. You’re LAUGHING?”

Methinks that was code speak for, “hey woman, could ya lighten up on ME a little bit?” Which he’s right about- but that’s a post for a different day.

In the meantime, appreciate that I will find glitter in this house for the rest of my life. Oh, and that glitter-poop is funny, until your mom has to get a teeny-tiny piece of (sharp) glitter off your testicles. According to Elliot, that’s not fun. Not at all.