Properly Folded Towels

Finally– a properly folded towels movement. Though I disagree with their methodology, I heartily support the effort.

See, y’all read this and think…um, what’s so hard about folding towels? You just fold them, right? Surely you’ve not gone to the dark side of towel-fascism?
And–most importantly– surely you are not complaining– out loud— about how someone else folds a towel? After all, it’s a towel you didn’t fold yourself!

I’m going to kick my toe in the sand and grin ruefully here, as I fully admit to being totally batshit about how my towels are folded.

I didn’t used to be. Seriously. I totally remember thinking my own beloved Nanny was totally batshit about the towel thing, after being lectured about how I had not only folded the towels wrong, but had also neglected to line up the seams properly. I mean, I fixed it–because even at 75 years old, 60 inches tall, and 80 lbs–she scared me into compliance. But in my head? I decided she had WAY too much free time and WAY too much OCD.

Then I moved to a Small House and became a Stay at Home Mom to Small People, quickly realizing that there are like 10 things in my life that I can fully and consistently control. And one of those things happens to be my towel folding methodology. At this point, my entire day can be totally ruined by looking into my teeny-tiny linen closet and seeing a torrential mess of jumbled, ill-folded bath towels. Beyond the visual affront, a full load of clean towels will simply not fit unless arranged properly. I mean, I stopped insisting that other people coordinate the towels into specific color stacks. And I’m only talking about two shelves of ordered happiness, having now long given up on anyone else turning the bottles label-side out, in line by size. That’s progress, people.

Yes, I do recognize how utterly unimportant and ridiculous this is in light of world hunger, deficits, and civil rights violations. But somewhere in my utterly non-linear ADHD brain I crave straight lines and order. My inability to attain this order in more than 2 shelves of towels is one of those big life failures I struggle with on a daily basis. So, dammit, just fold the damn towels the way I want them, and no one will get hurt.