Make Voting a Family Tradition

One of our parenting wins is how we’ve worked to make voting a family tradition, which made this morning’s WRAL’s Go Ask Mom blog post one of the easiest I’ve ever written.

Make Voting a Family Tradition

We usually walk to the polling station, where my children watch me receive a ballot and place it in the box. My seven-year-old enjoys seeing our voting count as the ballot disappears into the box. My five-year-old likes the fire trucks. We all get our “I Voted” sticker, and then leave to enjoy our post-voting pizza dinner.

As a registered voter, I am responsible for participating in local, state, and federal elections. As a woman, I am responsible for showing my respect to the women that fought with all they had to earn this voting privilege. As a parent, I am responsible for teaching my children how meaningful an individual voice can be — and how to make that voice heard by voting.

Kids Voting Durham and NC MomsRising with Jack and Jill, LangoKids, Mocha Moms, and other family groups are joining forces to help make voting a family affair!
When: 10 to noon, Saturday, Oct. 25
Where: Durham Main Library, 300 N. Roxboro St., Durham with a parade to the Durham Board of Elections, 201 N. Roxboro St.


Public education funding, pre-K funding, unemployment, equality, environmental protections– there are so many things that need attention in NC. The polls need YOUR attention.

If you have 8 minutes, I made this very-safe-for-work youtube video after being inspired by February’s HKonJ March. Whenever I’m feeling done with politics, I watch it as a reminder of how vitally important it is that we all show up at the ballots with the same enthusiasm shown at protests and rallies.