How to Laugh at Yourself: Running Calendar

There will probably be grammatical errors. It’s now 10pm. I woke up at 4:30am after having gone to bed at around 1am. Why would someone deliberately choose such foolishness? My mom had her other knee replaced this morning and I’m the long-standing Holder of the Clothes Bag.

I spent a lot of time at that hospital today, and since I wasn’t worried about the outcome of the procedure– it’s, you know, knee surgery–I got to look around at my fellow Holder’s of the Clothes Bag. I love people-watching; hospitals are a people-watcher’s crack.

I even started two different posts in that waiting room. One funny and one not– but I’m so damn D’OH right now that I’m sitting on the floor in the bedroom that served as both sanctuary and prison, next to the same window that my parents nailed shut (so that I couldn’t sneak out) wondering if 16 year old me hid a cigarette in here somewhere.

Which means part of my brain is actively scanning for possible hiding spots for a two decade old Newport: or worse, a generic Army Issue King-Sized Cigarette.

Yeah, I’m punchy. But grateful, because this also serves as a lovely reminder of why Stephanie don’t want to be birthing no more babies AND I got to have lunch with my college roomie without kids. Which hasn’t happened in… how old is my oldest kid?

Weeeeee—- see that distraction? I need to go to bed. So tomorrow I’ll share the stories* of Bunky Breaks the Trailer, or Little Joe Loves Jail, or Camo Family’s First Elevator Ride but first I need to laugh at myself.

I try to be fair.

This dry erase monthly calendar is not for August 2012. Nope, it’s from last August, and it still hangs on my master bathroom door.

*Everyone of those stories are hand-to-heart true. For about the hundredth time I wish I owned a spy camera.