September Photo a Day Challenge: Day 11 Heroes

For the record, I have not missed any other days in the Fat Mum Slim’s September photo a day challenge— I just didn’t blog about them.

Today’s prompt, Hero, coincided with 9/11’s anniversary.

I have so much… so many… so… just… about September 11th.

Technically, for the entire year of 2001 those dark places were on the 11th of every month, but that one was especially hard even before the first plane.

You see, that day was the 6 month anniversary of my Dad’s death, and the 10th and 11th days represented the gloomy peaks of each month’s depressive cycle.

Every free moment– for weeks, maybe even a month, I just sat and watched news coverage on loop. Other than writing my state senator to inquire about lifting my “you can’t ever join the military again” ban, watching the news is all that I can remember.

But that’s not the point of today’s post.

Well, it IS kind of the point, but detailing the convoluted path of my logic lies just beyond the fingertips this evening. You can look forward to the novella tomorrow.

So, photo prompt, Hero and the Cliff’s note version of the convoluted path.

The timing of preschool and elementary school drop-off schedules means Zach gets one-on-one time with me twice a week. Only for 25 minutes, but that’s the deal with kids– they don’t require all of your hours; only a devoted amount of your undivided attention.

It didn’t occur to me until this morning that they might bring up September 11th in school today; we’re still dancing around our Pledge of Allegiance quandary. Before I could even find age-appropriate words, he asked me about the Pledge– again— and just like that, our drive time turned into an overview of the Civil War.

My 5 (and 3/4 if you ask him) year old son was thoroughly horrified that adults once thought it was okay to buy and sell people. And I’m not going to lie– his reaction filled me with pride.

To enjoy a life so far removed from the painful reality that too many other children face and yet still have that internal need of justice for all?

These kids of mine are my personal heroes. Every day.

Getting back in touch with nature after a long school day.

September Photo a Day Challenge: Day 5 Bright and Day 6 Every Day

Two more days of the September Photo a Day Challenge? Whhaaa? It’s like I don’t even recognize myself anymore!

Day 5: Bright and Day 6: Every Day

I’m starting with Day 6’s picture because it amuses me.*

Day 6: Every Day

Every day, often several times a day, I walk into my living room and regret buying my children the 5 foot tall teddy bear. While I share Creepy Bear’s taste in fiction– he has those stuffed-animal eyes that follow your movements. Those few times I actually forgot about his existence only to catch him in my peripheral vision? Dude.

*Thanks to my friend T, who took a picture in costco of a look-a-like bear reading 50 Shades a few months ago, which inspired my staging idea.

Day 5: Bright

Okay, this picture wasn’t taken yesterday. Or even today. It’s my oldest son, taken back in June. But I like how the lighting is bright and the bright blue sky is reflected in his shades.

September Photo a Day Challenge: Day 4 In My Mailbox

I’ve made it to Day 4 of Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge for September. Yay attention span!

Day 1: Me, Now (my fingers still hurt!) and Day 2: Father are here.
Day 3: Far Away lives over here.

After seeing some really kick-ass mailboxes (future DIY project, identified) I felt like I was going to have to bail on Day 4: In My Mailbox.

Then I went and checked the mail and huzzah! My beans are here, My beans are here! Hello, future homemade, high-quality vanilla extract. Now all I have to do is stop drinking buy the vodka.

September Photo a Day Challenge: Day 3

A photo a day challenge? Sure.

Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge for September is turning out to be an exercise in self-awareness. My examples from Day 1: Me, Now (my fingers still hurt!) and Day 2: Father can be found over here.

Day 3: Far Away

This picture makes more sense with some information, so if you are interested please read on.

Two children born two years apart, a love for drinking beer and surfing the web and an ambivalence for drinking water and moving the arse left me with some…spread. Fluff? Cushion?

Bad eating habits during pregnancy left me far away from my healthy weight. Exercise and a healthy diet took me far away to a not-as-bad, but still not good, unhealthy weight. But I’m still far away from my end goal– which is back to a healthy height (a whooping 64 inches) to weight ratio.

A circle is just a round line, right?

A white board and some number magnets, easy enough; now to find hard-copy pictures of me that correlate to those dates and weights. But there weren’t any.

D’ohSelf Awareness One: looking at hardcopy pictures is more fun than watching digital slideshows. Go print some pictures.

Then I went looking for digital versions…except there aren’t very many.

D’ohSelf Awareness Two: If I want to be in the pictures, someone else needs to be allowed to touch my camera. Otherwise, I need to get more consistent with the tripod, but not when I’m also using the hot glue gun.

Finally, I have a sample of the concept, except that the method was more photoshop than photo. In the interest of maintaining challenge integrity I thought, “I’ll take a picture of a picture! To take a picture of a picture again symbolizes far away

How many ways can I beat this horse?

Click-click, crop-crop— wait. I noticed the picture Zach had drawn of me for preschool hanging in the background. For the record, those lines behind my legs are to show me running, because I am (or was) a runner.

Children, they are often without guile in their art. He didn’t draw me sitting in front of a computer or eating a cheeseburger. He drew me running.

D’ohSelf Awareness Four: teach my 5.5 year old, who sees me as both active and freakishly thin, to use my camera.

All problems solved.

Photo a day challenge: September Day 1 and 2

Andrea reminded me that it was September when she posted the new list for Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a day challenge. I rocked this for almost THREE whole days back in June. Yay, me.

Day 1: You, now.

Well, I’m doing a thing, which turned into a THING. Then I tried to multitask both hot glue and a camera remote.

It’s not glamor shots, but yeah that’s me.

No matter how many times I use hot glue, I still touch it too soon.

Day 2: Father
My Dad: a junior in high school on the left. On the right what should have been his senior year instead he’s headed to Vietnam. Crazy how 365 days can erase an entire childhood, hunh?