June Photo Challenge- On Day 3

Who needs New Year’s resolutions? January is already full of too much pressure; cramming all those resolutions into one month makes the other 11 months feel sad and jealous.

So I decided to finally do one of those monthly challenges and fat mum slim didn’t disappoint.

But, Stephanie… today is June 2nd, where is the June 1st prompt?

Yeah, well. I’m still me.

Day 2: Empty

Ah– this prompt coincided nicely with an abandoned, crumbling warehouse that the photographer in me has been drooling over for years. But, you know. Then some bulldozers arrived last week and I was all, WHOA.

I had about eight free minutes at 1:30 pm. I’d love to go back with more time and softer light.

What Empty Looks Like

Day 3: On your plate

My plate today was full of some funky pasta we bought with our brand new costco membership. And no, we haven’t eaten all the strawberries. Yet.