Dr. Seuss Quotes

Dr. Suess Quotes are my favorite things.

Anyone that has spent more than an hour of time in a Small Person’s* life will agree: some books you will read a thousand–NOT hyperbole– times. From that sampling of literary repetitiveness, some– and this doesn’t even twinge my tree-hugging, hippie conscience– will be lost, left, and/or otherwise metaphorically (!) burned. A precious thing, sanity.

But never a Suess book; not possibly that. How ever could you possibly hate The Cat in the Hat?

—->Shiny Squirrel
The origin of the phrase Small People/Person came from Suess, too: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
<—-End Shiny Squirrel

Tyler Zeller has played UNC basketball for 4 years, and at some point during any given game, I’d mutter: “and the BELLER. and the WELLER. and the ZELLER. in the CELLER”. Except for tonight– AND THEY LOST. Don’t deny the power of the Suess.

Our chosen Suess Birthday quotes from this year– in case you didn’t notice them in the chaos that is our Friday Fort Day, aka photographic proof that I do sometimes–but not always–play with my kids.

Okay, so there are 2 or 3 potty humor things that honestly make me laugh. The first quote, because I read it and immediately took off toward the farting rainbow types, followed next by the unicorn meat eaters.

As long as everyone’s laughing– does what I’m thinking really matter?

But it’s not just the rhymes that have kept me hooked– it’s the underlying social commentary. I took Zach to see The Lorax today–powerful movie, if one thinks about it right.

I have lots to say about The Lorax, and how I’m somehow seeing all of the world’s problems in the form of truffula trees– to include online shipping warehouses– but not tonight.