Timers: not just for your kids

Timers: Not Just for your kids

I assume that most parents have some concept of setting a timer to help illustrate and define time-limits for the Small People.

Well. If you lived in my house, that egg timer would apply to the adults, too. One evening, while my behavior was particularly Zach-esque– following Joel all over the the house, verbally regurgitating every scattered thought process– he reached over and set the egg timer for 15 minutes. When he turned back around, he quite matter-of-factly stated, “this is how much longer I’m going to listen before I go do something else.”

Life moments such as these make me wish Joel could download and print the images in his head, because I’d imagine that the look on my face was priceless indeed.

Shock, anger and annoyance– closely followed by realization, embarrassment, and acquiescence.

Now, I could have gathered unto myself all of the moral indignation of which I am so capable. However, deliverers of Blunt Truthiness need to tolerate receipt of Blunt Truthiness, too. So rather than pulpit-ize myself, I just nodded and said, “agreed”. I sometimes (okay, always) have a hard time making myself shut up if there are people in my sphere. And debating? Um…that’s why online debates are such a good forum for me–the act of hitting submit allows others the opportunity to “speak”.

I’m a talker. It’s been on every report card, progress report and performance review I’ve ever had. One boss even referred to me as grandiloquent, while totally missing the irony of his using that word to describe my writing style (though he was right–industrial writing is supposed to be boring).

One of the things I love the most about my husband (of 8 years, tomorrow) is that he can often recognize when I need to just shut up. Not that I always agree his assessment–turning on an egg timer during an argument, for example, has not worked out for him yet. But we used to joke about the potential utility in a socially-accepted Wrap it Up Box, back when our sleep deprivation was caused by choice and Comedy Central. Dave Chappelle, your comedic genius and astute social commentary is still very much missed.