More thoughts on Amendment One NC

Obviously I strongly oppose every thing about Amendment One. It’s not a new feeling. Some of the things I’ve heard come out of the mouths of… Ahhhh—- take a deep breath, shake up my calm-down jar. Pretty glitter. Okay. I’ve … Continue reading

NC Passes the Marriage Amendment

I remember the blazing disappointment when Dubya was re-elected. You see, I lived in Durham, worked in Chapel Hill; my perspective of reality was blurry. By the way– it’s late, and I’m sad and angry. Raging, actually. I remain convinced … Continue reading

Vote AGAINST the Marriage Amendment and Legislation in Violation of the Separation of Church and State

May 8th– tomorrow, the big voting day. The final chance for my fellow North Carolinians to power their way through the screaming “you’re going to hell” protesters, into that voting booth and say–with an emphatic NO— we will not support … Continue reading

Explaining Why We Vote AGAINST the Marriage Amendment

Explaning why we vote AGAINST the marriage amendment banning gay marriage wasn’t part of my lunch plan. I sat down a twice reheated cup of coffee and uninspired salad, when my 5 year old asked, “so what are we voting … Continue reading

Adventures with Kids in Politics- EITC delivery

I decided earlier this year to start moving my more political posts over to because the current political climate seems so well-suited with fiction writing.  Most of the time I wish the news reports were actually fiction. Ahem. This isn’t … Continue reading

My Thoughts on HKonJ

I spent Saturday morning protesting the direction of NC politics with the HKonJ’s People’s Assembly.  Friday, I spent the day at a women-in-politics training given by Lillian and Emily’s List . Fascinating stuff, politics.  It’s been a strange week. A threat … Continue reading

NC: Lawmaking For the Corporation, By The Corporation.

The current NC trends in law and legislation creation appear to focus on: a) turning away federal money for social programs, and to make “necessary budget cuts” therein. b) accepting federal incentives for corporate and commercial growth. Y’all, they (as … Continue reading

NC General Assembly: I See What You Did There, Part 1

North Carolina General Assembly: I see what you did there when you flopped out that abortion bill.    I remain outraged at y’alls audacity, but I’m both easily distracted and naturally suspicious. Always the multi-tasker, I protested Bill 695 while thinking … Continue reading

To My Uterus: Happy Not-Independence Day

The NC Senate decide to wrap the uteri of the state’s female citizens in a flag of oppression today by sneaking an anti-abortion bill onto a bill designed to protect naturalized citizens against foreign laws: for example, Sharia law. Take … Continue reading

I Pledge Allegiance

Have I been stuck on kindergarten stuff over the past week? Um, duh? The latest: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, … Continue reading