Adventures with Kids in Politics- EITC delivery

I decided earlier this year to start moving my more political posts over to because the current political climate seems so well-suited with fiction writing.  Most of the time I wish the news reports were actually fiction.


This isn’t a political rant, but rather a snicker moment with Elliot during a momsrising lobbying effort to reinstate NC’s EITC.  Yes, I involve my kids in politics and have since this thing happened in DC.

Zach loves a good rally. He asks really good questions about why we are there, and with the innocence wonder of a child (and, okay, many adults) wonders, “but WHY would they DO such a thing?” Moral Monday Kids


Elliot has two very specific political positions:

  1. Why can’t they just stop so I can stop wasting my Mondays here?”
  2. Will there be candy?

Poor kid, he can be very shy around large groups of adults.  Except for that time in DC when he saw that NEW JERSEY gave out, not tiny peppermints, but FULL SIZE boxes of M&Ms.  With his powerful swagger and rakish good looks he waltzed right in there and asked if he “could, hey, maybe get some of that candy.”

I waved at the dude from the hallway– if someone was going to tell an over-tired 4 year old “no” it wasn’t going to me.

But then? Today?  In NC? Someone trumped NJ’s M&Ms with ice cream.  That’s right, my friends, he spent the first 30 minutes rocking out in the NCGA with his own personal NC State ice cream.

A NC flag lapel pin, which he accepted with the same enthusiasm as a kid at Halloween getting the toothbrush.  His “thanks” was a perfect mimicry of my own sarcastic use of the word.

But it wasn’t until we were a few stops short of my much-anticipated (but not actualized) visit to Representative Tillis’s office that Elliot really just came out of his shell.

Rep. Leo Daughtry, reading the paper, while his assistant makes conversation with Elliot:  “You’re so handsome.  You’re going to grow up and just have your pick of pretty girls to marry.”

Elliot, from around a mouth stuffed full of jolly rancher from the previous office: “Nope.  I’m going to grow up and marry my friend, Landon.  And maybe a cat. Most of the girls like princess stuff and, well, I just don’t much care for wearing a dress.”

I smiled at Elliot and said,  “I hope you can marry Landon someday, if that’s what you want.  Don’t know about the cat.” Then I winked at Daughtry, thanked his assistant for the candy and moved on to the next delivery.
It was a good day at the NCGA.

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