DIY Intergalactic Planetary TARDIS Office

DIY Intergalactic Planetary TARDIS Office

“I’m going to paint my office door to look like the TARDIS,” I said to my husband the other night.

“MMMhmmm,  ” he muttered never lifting his eyes away from his precious, the college basketball.








Thus notified he offered no argument which therefore implies consent (I also watch Law and Order).

The door– like all of its matching friends– pays homage to the late Sixties obsession with brown paneling.  So ugly.

Ugly Brown Door

I used scrap printer paper to hold the places for the beveled panels.

Create Beveling on a Flat Door

Using dark paint in one corner creates the illusion of beveling on a flat surface.  I will use this trick again.

Windows with Shiny White Paper


I used shiny laminate paper for the top panels since I had, you know, accidentally painted them blue instead of leaving them white.

I had about two hours before needing to pick up my oldest from school.  The hall looked so bare around my TARDIS. It needed…something.   A painting of a planet and its moon*, yes.

TARDIS needs spaceIntergalactic, planetary

*No I’m not giving you a step by step of this part.  I didn’t use spray paint, but otherwise followed the steps in the aforementioned link.   

I could have stopped, but the planet and moon looked lonely.  It needed something more. Something intergalactic for the planetary.  Like a nebula!

TARDIS Planet, Moon, and a Nebula

Nebulae (see what I did there?  Fancy!) are really shockingly simple to paint.  I did all of this with acrylic paint and lots of blotting with paper towels.

My kids wanted to make their own outer space paintings (naturally). Here’s a pictorial on How to Make a Space Nebula in 9 Frames (the planet instructions are on that other link; no need for me to repeat her work.)

How to Make a Space Nebula in 9 Frames

Doing a crappy job with spray paint (e.g., creating the stars) proved to the most complicated part of the entire thing.

I love it. Everyone should enter their office via a TARDIS flying through a nebula toward the Planet Orangeish Thing.  And how glad am I to have Beastie Boys as my background music, finally displacing the week-long ear worm of “Everyone is Awesome”?

Here are the Before and After pictures of my DIY Intergalactic Planetary TARDIS Office.

Before and After 2 Before and After Facing Before and After Right


One more of my nebula.  Look at how pretty.

On Nebula I'm In Love



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