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I spent Saturday morning protesting the direction of NC politics with the HKonJ’s People’s Assembly.  Friday, I spent the day at a women-in-politics training given by Lillian and Emily’s List .

Fascinating stuff, politics.  It’s been a strange week.

A threat of cold and rain made me leave the boys home with Joel, which instead allowed me the freedom to tigger-bounce through the whole march, taking lots of pictures (like I do). I came home battling a migraine, but took a minute to flip through the files, noticing a clear story path written in the signage.   I do like words.  But it was while I slept in that hazy sleep/non-sleep of a migraine that I thought, “hey, I should make this into a movie real quick“.

Following the 2012 elections, North Carolina saw its first Republican-led one party government since the Reconstruction.  The amount of destruction that has followed makes us a regular laughingstock of the nation.  In so many ways our government has intentionally turned our reality the butt of someone else’s joke.

But it’s not funny, what has been done here.  Some of these legislators are people I view to be immoral, yet they try to legislate my morality. 

It started by redrawing voting district lines with the sole intention of perverting democracy.

Millions of tax payer dollars– and thousands of lawmaker hours– spent to pass a constitutional amendment against something that was already against NC law.  A law that broke the heart of my children and my youngest still identifies Chik Fil A as the place that doesn’t want his friend’s moms to marry. 

The allowed concealed weapons to enter the school parking lots and playgrounds where our children play.  It was already legal to open carry in these places—thus allowing for “heroes”—so why the new law that allows gun owners to hide their armed fear?

They have chipped away at women’s rights under the guise of health and safety; creating an environment that damages Planned Parenthood’s ability to provide birth control and mammograms to the economically disadvantaged women that dominate the rural areas of our state.

They have systematically cut Medicaid, food stamp and unemployment benefits proving again that it’s the fetus and not the child that deserves life.

They did not change the $1500 tax cap on yacht purchases.  The tax shelters and cuts made for corporations in this state could fill a… deficit.

Like pin-strip-suited Vikings they have raided public school budgets, demoralizing our teachers and students while increasing the availability of Charter Schools.

They have written ambiguous environmental laws, created giant tax shelters for developers and padded those agencies designed to protect our public health with members that make profit off of environmental disasters.

Not only are their actions an affront to common sensibilities, their heavy-handed, corporate-led legislation is driving our state’s economic decline (for those us not buying yachts) with a speed worthy of NASCAR.

Most importantly, these lawmakers have no issue with calling us morons, or refusing to listen to our valid concerns.  They have forgotten who they work for and it’s past time to fix that.


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