How to Love Reptiles

The reptilian members of the animal kingdom always grossed me out.

Then I gave birth to Elliot; code name– The Lizard King.  And now I’m learning how to love reptiles.

I Am The Lizard KingOne ill-advised promise later and we’re elbow deep in cricket shipments– fed ex brings 1000 every 2 weeks.  Of course baby bearded dragons eat as much as baby-everything-elses.  Of course.

Luckily–and unexpectedly– they have a lot of personality.

Wanna Ride
Biker Lizard

Lots of personality and very little choice about prop placement.

Lizard TakeDown

I mean, c’mon now.  That’s just funny.

Scared Now

We even finished their rocking bearded dragon lair– but writing about that is lots of words.  Words and formatting and other things for which I currently lack motivation.   So instead I’ll just leave you with this:

Psst Behind You



3 thoughts on “How to Love Reptiles

  1. Really? THAT comment posted? After my other, more serious comments on your other blog posts disappeared into the black hole of the internet??


  2. Ok, that’s just hilarious. Those little guys are really cute and they’ve got quite the sweet life–especially considering they arrived in cozy little chinese soup to-go containers. The car shot? Oh that’s funny!!

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