Thoughts in a List: Music

  1. Searching amazon, because you know– procrastinating– looking for new music.
  2. Come across Now That’s What You Call Music #47, realizing I know a single song.  Which made feel all–
  3. THANK ZEUS.  Ahem.
  4. Only to remember– Wait, don’t I own one of…
  5. Dig out giant caselogic thing and giggle/groan to think of how much money I spent; how many times I joined the eight CDs for a penny club.  That’s vintage, kids.
  6. Find at least 10 un-clouded discs.  What the what?
  7. The Now CD? Volume 9.NOW
  8. My attachment to pop music and various artist compilations began many years ago. Like back when MTV played music and created CDs.
  9. Something about flipping through those pages, not recognizing the album because not everyone printed things like words on discs back then, and JB never, ever put them back in the right sleeve.  Or recognizing the album and remembering how it used to slide into your car’s after-market player.  How loudly you would play Sitting on the Dock of the Bay in high school, with the bass cranked to an obnoxious level, because Otis just GOT me, ya know?  That brand of ennui cannot be expressed with ear buds, my friends.
  10. Wondering about the contents of the dozenish unlabeled discs.  Veritable treasures of musical memory, just waiting to be rediscovered.  Or piles of crap.  Now, if you’ll excuse me– I’m off to set adrift to some good vibrations.  Because time is eternal.







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