NC General Assembly: I See What You Did There, Part 1

North Carolina General Assembly: I see what you did there when you flopped out that abortion bill.    I remain outraged at y’alls audacity, but I’m both easily distracted and naturally suspicious.

Always the multi-tasker, I protested Bill 695 while thinking unladylike thoughts about how I’m being bitch-slapped with my own tax dollars.  As my attention started to drift, I considered:

What other things are they sneaking into legislation?  If abortion restrictions can get tucked into a motorcycle law, what else is hidden under Part 6 of Article 7 in Subsection 16.13b during the forsoothing; the considerating; the amending and retracting.  Was the unprovoked attack on my uterus just a giant red herring designed to distract me (and everyone else) from the bigger issues?

Troll Herring

Thus began 3 days of accessing– the NCGA’s search results return at a rate of a myspace page littered with dancing kittens and background music— and attempting to understand– WORK that Juris Doctorate y’all— the full scope of what’s going on in that gilded chamber.

This is some of what I found.

NCGA I See What You Did There

Filing a new constitutional amendment for the specific purpose and intent of furthering political power of the major two parties while limiting any chance for a third party candidate:  may I present House Bill 436.

The NC State Constitution— quite a read.

May I present House Bill 683— you go ahead and drink a full 2 liter of pepsi with your giant bag of funyuns.    On the surface I can’t identify much overt maliciousness here*, just an inane waste of time and resources.

Hunh, I wonder how many of the recognizable Pepsico’s products don’t make my real-food list, despite being advertised as healthy.   But Pepsico is a NY company so I can’t really find a legislative link— ah, there it is; Pepsi Bottling Venture remains Tarheel powered.

*Of course, NC is an old tobacco state and it’s not as if tobacco companies ever lied about the toxicity of their products.  And there is the whole caveat about getting sick from food in general.  So I can see how this might get twisted.

Or perhaps Senate Bill 638, the new farm act? 

Which I’ll talk more about tomorrow, but includes a brand-spanking new addition (b13- MIGRANT HOUSING) to the building code that provides an:

exemption from any requirements in the fire prevention code for installation of an automatic sprinkler system applicable to buildings meeting all of the following:

 (1) Has one floor.

(2) Meets all requirements of 29 C.F.R. § 1910.142, as amended.

(3) Meets all requirements of Article 19 of Chapter 95 of the General Statutes and rules implementing that Article.

 For purposes of this subsection, “migrant housing” and “migrant” shall be defined as in G.S. 95-223.

Why don’t migrant workers get a sprinkler?

That’s it for tonight.  Tomorrow– Part II, because what’s being done to the environment while hiding behind the attack on our uteri?  Oy.




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