Legislated Morality

The problem, you see, with legislated morality is that you have to trust your legislators.

You have to agree with their morals.

In the past few days, my morality has been legislated by a lying Pat McCrory. 

Politicians Lie?

Then tonight I happened to be reading Plato (okay, not really- but by the power of Google) when I heard about George Zimmerman.

The Highest Reach of Injustice

I could possibly be less furious about the invocation of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law getting Zimmerman off; bad law, applied in an impossible situation, right?

But then… then I read about Marissa Alexander, denied protection under the Stand Your Ground Law for shooting at her abusive husband.

Only 435 days after Travyon Martin’s death and the jury sent her to prison for 20 years because Angela Corey, the state attorney

— wait for it–

“I feel like when someone fires a loaded gun inside of a home with two children standing in the direction where the bullet was fired, we have to have tough laws that say you don’t do that.”


Which is about the time I start banging my head against the wall and screaming profanities.








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