To My Uterus: Happy Not-Independence Day

The NC Senate decide to wrap the uteri of the state’s female citizens in a flag of oppression today by sneaking an anti-abortion bill onto a bill designed to protect naturalized citizens against foreign laws: for example, Sharia law.

Take a moment to really chew on the rancid irony of a pre-Independence Day Christian-law-based amendment shoved into an Anti-Sharia Law.

While you try and identify the flavors bursting on your tongue…

Did you know:

1. that sex education in North Carolina focuses almost entirely on the abstinence for prevention of STDs and unwanted pregnancies?

Check out this gem, quoted from House Bill 694 :

Teaches that a mutually faithful monogamous heterosexual relationship in the context of marriage is the best lifelong means of  avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Only between the lily-white sheets of your marital bed (and oh, they defined that one for us, too) should naked parts touch each other.  If unmarried people touch naked parts they will get herpes and die.

2. Or that an induced abortion is a risk factor for preterm labor in subsequent pregnancies?

State Bill 132 will add the following to G.S.115C‑81:

The instruction program shall include information about the preventable causes of preterm birth, including induced abortion as a cause of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies.

Other prevention measures like access to affordable prenatal care?  We aren’t worried about that kind of nonsense in NC.

3. No abortions and you’d better hope that that the roulette wheel of genetics and/or the zero information you get about prenatal care doesn’t result in any sort of development delays.  Because if you aren’t sitting at 130% of the federal poverty level, you’ll not be getting any of that state-supported pre-K.  Good luck with affording a private pre-k program.

Oh, and don’t you dare get pregnant then lose your job.  Because we ain’t gonna pay you no unemployment money.

I can’t wait for August’s report:  “In breaking news, McCrory’s administration cut unemployment by a gazillion percent!”  

Must have been all that focus on job creation.  Ahem.

Well, NC lawmakers, Spock is not impressed and neither am I.

NC General Assembly.  Spock is Not Impressed.





4 thoughts on “To My Uterus: Happy Not-Independence Day

  1. It is beyond comprehension, right? I mean, honestly, what year is this again? For some reason I thought it was 2013 since that is what my calendar says, but this kind of law-making seems more like 1953, so I am not sure anymore. And to think that as mayor Charlotte, Pat seemed so normal. This is a great post!-Ashley

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