I’m Not Always Optimistic

But when I am, it’s a delusion.


Yeah. Um. A week before spring break in MARCH, my kids got sick and my Superhuman, Worked Retail Handling Money Drenched with Gym Sock and Cleavage Sweat did not protect me.

Then Spring Break started and we built a buggy/bike garage. I estimated it would take a day. Since the structure still lacks a door “FINISHED” is simply not true.

And it’s May.

buggy and bike garage

Then there was the onset of The Great Basement Clean Out, 2013 edition.

The Great Basement Cleanout

Why basement clean out? Book, you were writing? Two (three) reasons.

  1. the untapped potential of 1178 square feet of space that doesn’t require air conditioning.
  2. I had to sort, rearrange, toss, and clean the whole thing so I could tape off A Fort of One’s Own. Let’s just leave it at I thought I’d be done (back then I wanted walls) the week after Spring Break.
  3. it was looking a little hoarders.

It’s May and AFOO is done.  Who needs walls?

We also adopted (stole from the wilds of my mother in law’s porch) a new pet, aptly named Sir Walter TreeFroggy.   That the frog-dude rocks a color coordinated monster truck in his terrarium was all Elliot.

Monster Truckn Tree Frog

Our anti-vole glue trap caught a 5 lined skink.  He (she?) enjoyed an extra two weeks of well-loved life.


This kid will be done with kindergarten in another week.  I can’t be the only mother that actually looks forward to the end of school?


What else? Um, probably a lot, but who can remember these things? I am killing the Bonbon Ninja– I simply don’t have time to do a different blog. Really, what was I thinking?

Oh right; Optimism vs. Delusion.




2 thoughts on “I’m Not Always Optimistic

  1. Your tree frog looks so pretty! I would have thought it was just a toy. (Why don’t more monster trucks come with color-coordinated amphibians?)

    Also, I love the photo with the skink and your little guy. Great expression!

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