Knowing you have a problem

Step 1. Notice you have a problem. Step 2: Figure out what to do about that problem.

Setting that solution into motion? Biggest, most important step.

My problem lives over there on the internet. ACK– KNOW ALL THINGS. I love knowing things. I am nosy beyond what feels comfortable to admit.

Okay, I’ll tell you one. Last month I managed to circle my way around the facebook drain to the memorial page for a mid-twenties Australian (or Welsh, maybe— because those country’s are in no way related) climber’s page. He’d died in a climbing accident (saw that coming), and his family and friends do this huge trek once a year.

Now, I had 1) opened a web browser to to check the weather, and 2) SIXTY MINUTES LATER

My brain goes KAPOWY, my eyes glaze over as each click drags me deeper into the seemingly unconnected connections in the relational database from hell.

I am The Ultimate Gretel, but I ate the cookies, so no crumbs.

That said, let me brag for a minute (hubris to balance out self deprecation) if you [waves mouse-clicking hand] have secrets AND live on the internet? The single-minded dogged persistence of the obsessed when combined with intelligence and unlimited screen time of an adult that scoffs at sleep?

Pffft. You have not a single snowballs chance. Yeah, trifling bitch– Ima looking RIGHT at ya. Winky.

Alright, back to it.

Internet and cookies– not internet cookies (except that’s kinda what those are, right? Little bread crumbs?)– symbolically speaking, are both about the ability to self regulate. And THAT is why these two items rarely enter my house. Seriously, I will eat the two things at the same time. Mixed together, even.


TJ Joe-Joes

What does all of this have to do with any of you, my fabulously addicted internet friends?
Chrome, which I have just recently switched to because why shouldn’t google own every bit of my data, includes an extension called StayFocusd.

Aww, yeah. Any program delivering smart-ass to this level gets love from me (picture gets bigger if you click it, duh). My daily facebook time limit– across all my devices?

40 minutes. I might add amazon next– the amount of time I can waste searching for that perfect *free* book is time I could spend, you know, writing my own book. 😀

StayFocusd Collage

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