Dear All Moms, Except that One.

Dear All Moms, Except that One: That mom doesn’t know you and her opinion of you does not matter.

Sweet mercy, was no one listening?

I don’t need to defend why I might be surfing on my phone, or otherwise engaged in my life– you know, the one I didn’t forfeit with my fertility–because I don’t answer to her. Plus, sanctimommy’s post was clearly calling out iphone moms in the park, and I have a nexus.

Plus while she was busy cataloging all the precious childhood moments I missed with my disregard, her precious was choking a little girl on the slide.

Isn’t it always that way?

Now, I have no interest in defending my facebook updating, internet surfing, kindle book reading, or– sometimes when I’m messing with paper– book writing.

But I couldn’t help myself. Pictures. Funnies.

My Smartphone brings all the Bitches

What Happens to College Dropouts

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