September Photo a Day Challenge: Day 5 Bright and Day 6 Every Day

Two more days of the September Photo a Day Challenge? Whhaaa? It’s like I don’t even recognize myself anymore!

Day 5: Bright and Day 6: Every Day

I’m starting with Day 6’s picture because it amuses me.*

Day 6: Every Day

Every day, often several times a day, I walk into my living room and regret buying my children the 5 foot tall teddy bear. While I share Creepy Bear’s taste in fiction– he has those stuffed-animal eyes that follow your movements. Those few times I actually forgot about his existence only to catch him in my peripheral vision? Dude.

*Thanks to my friend T, who took a picture in costco of a look-a-like bear reading 50 Shades a few months ago, which inspired my staging idea.

Day 5: Bright

Okay, this picture wasn’t taken yesterday. Or even today. It’s my oldest son, taken back in June. But I like how the lighting is bright and the bright blue sky is reflected in his shades.

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