Prioritizing To Do List Items

My To Do List today, according to Zach:
1) Sew an Ironman costume
2) Make cookies
3) Wrestle
4) Finish reading all of the Harry Potter novels to him
5) Build the outside fort

My To Do List, according to Elliot:
1) Build the knex roller-coaster
2) Make cookies
3) Play Monster Chase Hide-n-seek
4) Sew a Kitty Bed
5) Make Yoda Soda

My To Do List, according to Me:
1) Take a shower
2) Put on clean clothes
3) Get E’s health form filled out (due on Friday)
4) Magically morph 3 tortillas, a tomato, and cheese into a nutritious and delicious meal for four*
5) Make a Mega To Do list (see example from July) proving I am just a wee bit delusional

*Note: Going to the grocery store didn’t make my Top 5.

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