Why Feminists are Killing Feminism

Reading Elizabeth Wurtzel’s rant about how rich wives are killing feminism and fueling the war on women wasn’t on today’s To Do list.

But according to her, I don’t have a job, so I guess it’s all good. And no I’m not rich, but she didn’t only attack the rich stay at home mom.

Alright, let’s look at some of her points.

Who can possibly take feminism seriously when it allows everything, as long as women choose it? The whole point to begin with was that women were losing their minds pushing mops and strollers all day without a room or a salary of their own.

(Emphasis Mine)

Boredom might go a long way toward motivating people, however Ms. Wurtzel makes a gross oversimplification for the motivation of the feminist movement.

Consider first that the loudest demands for equality began in the 1800s– spearheaded by educated women.

Check this out– it’s called logic. In the 1800s an educated woman was a wealthy woman. A wealthy woman in the 1800s did not mop; she had servants. It wasn’t ennui that provoked those women, but rather exclusion from interesting conversations.

Beyond that, the feminist movement was about women being trapped in abusive marriages, without the ability to establish credit, or open checking accounts. It was about women being denied access to birth control, and safe, legal abortive procedures. Equal pay is important, but without the ability to control reproduction it doesn’t mean much.

Why does a SAHM referring to her day as a job seem to provoke such a negative knee jerk response in working moms? Semantics?

So, in the interest of keeping the peace, fine, I don’t have a job.

But I do work, and much like any non-profit volunteer, my work has value.

Even moms with full-time jobs spend 86 percent as much time with their kids as unemployed mothers, so it is apparently taking up the time of about 14 percent of a paid position.

I can’t find the source for this quote– can you email it to me?

Sarcasm alert:

I blame the working mom for ruining feminism! After all, these women are earning a wage, but are still carrying the bulk of child and household responsibilities despite having partner/spouses available to share the burden. Those working moms should put their high-heeled foot down– right away.

Of course, I’m not actually blaming working moms for this trendy war on women. I’d never judge an entire group of women based on a few examples in two extremely non-representative socio-economic time zones. Because that would be, well, stupid.

Reality alert:

This disparity between working and stay at home moms is a symptom of a larger problem: the United States’s ultimate failure to value any working contribution that isn’t desperately manic.

I have to admit that when I meet a woman who I know…one who has read The Second Sex and therefore ought to know better — but is still a full-time wife, I feel betrayed.

See, mostly I feel betrayed by the sneeringly pompous women who degrade my contributions to the female’s quest for equality because I’m at home. You know, raising the next generation of (male!) feminists.

Yeah, totally failing over here.

Interestingly enough– and I think this applies to many of my SAHM friends– being a full-time SAHM mom isn’t the best choice for my family. For me the best choice would be to work part-time. However, with two children and laughably expensive childcare that option is unavailable.

But, hey thanks for sharing your story. Enjoy that golden tower of integrity– I have to mop the floor.

6 thoughts on “Why Feminists are Killing Feminism

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    • Pro-life feminists– I’d never heard of them, so thank you for the link.

      I think most women want a solution to reproduction control that isn’t abortion. I don’t know a single pro-choice woman that is running around singing, “yay abortion” like it’s free ice cream day at Ben and Jerry’s.

      Available, and affordable, birth control ranks at the top for preventing conception– for consensual sex.

      But birth control doesn’t do a darn thing for pregnancies resulting from rape, or incest. The availability of abortions covers those situations, too.

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