Seasons Change and ADHD

You can always count on the weather being wacky when you live in ol’ Nawth Cackalacky–seasons change, time passes, ADHD happens. It snowed last week and yet today is a balmy 80 degrees of sunshine-y joy. While everyone else is just out there having fun, I’m hunting crabgrass and remembering that Z was going to help me build a garden thing over the winter. Which I forgot about until this morning, though remembering finally explained those random hint-like outbursts he’s been having.

I’m good with a hammer while I’m folding laundry is not a reminder, Z. I mean, really.

Seasons change, feelings change
It’s been so long since I found you
Yet it seems like yesterday
Seasons change, people change
I’ll sacrifice tomorrow
Just to have you here today

Argh— why did she plant Expose’ in my head? WHY? It could have been worse people, promise.

A classic no-fault break up song it’s not your fault, it’s not my fault. It’s those damn deciduous trees dropping their leaves!

What? You didn’t get that from this song. Google the lyrics, put your brain on the hamster wheel, and just try.

Anyway, I don’t sing this in my head about people–I only regret about 13% of the people gone from my life.

Noooo.. Instead of visualizing abandoned relationship, what I now hear in these lyrics:

“It’s been so long since I found you”
Yet it seems like yesterday

Reminders of lost things; car keys, birth certificates, money, purse, phone, medicine, clothes, random-piece-of-something-that-I-finally-threw-away-after-keeping-for-5-months-then-found-its-home, etc.

or this one:

“It feels like it’s forever
But time just runs away

which makes me glare at the clock, and my lost time. I think that 50% of tangible project I attempt takes me 83% longer than anyone else. That 50% would inch closer 75% if I included redoing my rushed first attempt. Ahem. Though none of those percentages are, 1) real, or 2) even fair, since I tend to assume that everything will take me 30 minutes, but still.

Thus, I have now semi-illogically conclude that time must be a big ol’ scaredy pants since it keeps RUNNING AWAY FROM ME.

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