Being ADHD is

There are benefits, you know.

Having an amazing idea

    and forgetting where you wrote it down, only to find that napkin scrap several years later. And keeping it because the idea is still amazing.

Never having an inside-the-box thought

    Often this totally rocks, except when it rolls instead.

Remembering to activate your brand new ATM card

    Then one Thursday, just purging the PIN number you’ve used for 3 years. True story– and I’ve done this twice. However, the second time I just waited until it came back to me– a month later.

Yearning for an organized and orderly house like some women crave fitting into their skinny jeans.

    Spending a small country’s GDP on plastic storage boxes, label makers, and other assorted organizing paraphernalia. Only to lose the box lids, and run out of labels. But then you discover modge-podge, think of the shoe boxes, and all is right with the world again. (See above regarding boxes).

Remembering the thoughtful letter you plan to write that special person: at a stoplight, in the grocery store line, while hiding in the bathroom, during planned quality time with your kid.

      but never, ever while you are surfing



Staying up way too late. Every. Single. Night.



    you wake up in a piss-foul mood every morning. That’s the logical result of being awake until 2am, you dumbass. But those night hours? So quiet. My brain craves that quiet, but my mouth won’t listen if anyone else is awake. So here we are.

Thinking that you can make a scary ghost Halloween decoration from a milk jug, and old window sheer.

      C’mon now– isn’t that what a ghost used to be, before retail stores? And, ha– guess when I started (and forgot about)


    post, hunh?

Never getting around to tossing the old kitchen cabinets.

    Eventually turning them into storage unit/bookshelf for the kids’ room.

Believing you are capable of remodeling two bathrooms with very little professional help. Convincing husband of the same.

    Not only doing it, but also learning proper propane torch procedures. And quickly learning what a water leak looks like from the basement; since you didn’t level the toilets– as clearly stated in the instructions you only sorta read.

Thinking on Friday that it would be cool to paint your kitchen cabinets, and then starting on Monday.

      Listen, the only way to move forward is to stop hesitating. I


    at moving forward.

Randomly deciding to sign up for a half marathon, despite previously having a “no running unless being chased philosophy”.

    Not getting bummed (or quitting) when you pulled a butt muscle. And, just yesterday, hitting the 6.5 mile mark AND still being able to walk today.

It’s not a perfect life– but it’s a good one.

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