Can’t call it a bucket list…

Because, as my DH pointed out– we don’t plan to die in 2012, thus a kick the bucket list isn’t really appropriate. I don’t want to call them resolutions, because those are 1) what everyone else is doing, and 2) has, in the past, represented a list of things for which we eventually fail.

JB and I tried for all of 5 minutes last night, (while watching South Park reruns; we par-tay on New Year’s Eve round here) to come up with some witty replacement. To Do list– heavy on the witty, yes?

In no particular order.

    1. Go camping
    2. Run a half marathon (me, maybe JB)
    3. Read more than 3 popular fiction books (JB)
    4. Read 5 of those classic books that I totally pretend to have read because I was, you know, an English major for awhile and therefore would never, ever read the cliff notes instead of the novel. {cough}
    5. Learn how to make at least six four interesting dinners eaten by anyone with working thumbs.
    6. Stop considering how neat it would be write down some of those random story ideas and actually just do it.

    True story: you know what they call an embarrassingly untalented published author? Published.

    7. Be *in* more pictures. I have a hard-drive’s worth of fantastic photos–of everyone else. Me? Um, I looked for a picture of myself one day… Yeah, I need proof of both my smiling presence for all this family fun I plan. Otherwise I’m just the byotch that packs the snacks. That’s not okay.
    8. Stop. Wasting. So. Much. Of. Everything. Okay, so this applies to me certainly– I am no icon of frugality. However, in this house I’m the least offensive of the water/electricity/food waste folks. I kinda want to plant little microchips in all three of them programmed with the Joshua’s voice from WarGames*. Instead of “shall we play a game” it would murmur “shall we turn off the damn lights”.
    9. Clean up at least one toy on New Year’s Day (Zach)
    10. Drive a race car and ride a dolphin. Tomorrow (Elliot)

*If you got the WarGames reference without following the hyperlink…well, I think that adds cool points to a person, but I equate geek and cool points. So.

I’m already getting brownie points for being in-pictures. Here’s one of JB showing me affection (in public, people).

5 thoughts on “Can’t call it a bucket list…

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  2. The dreaded (LIST) the what i wish to do but probably won’t actually do list that is what my husband and I call it. I made one of my own since i saw some things on yours i wanted to add to mine maybe mine will help you.
    1)Take a little more me time – “who couldn’t use that”
    2) write down things i have been hinting around to my husband about that i want – apparently the whole dropping hints thing “NOT WORKING”
    3) Finally go get the willow tree doll i have been dropping hints about along with the flip flops and matching belt i have been wanting. I don’t know if you are a shoe junky but i found a pair on that i am looking forward to getting hopefully from my husband but probably from myself.

  3. I am so old because i got the War games reference. i need to get out more, says the woman who spent her morning watching GI Joe for HOURS. I think Elliott’s list is the best.

  4. Hate to break it to you, but a picture on the blog does not make the affection “public”! You have to include the crowd in the picture for it to count as a public display of affection!! Of course, I almost posted my self-portrait last night that shows Wayne’s hand “affectionately” feeling my boobs. But since you couldn’t see the face the hand belonged to, I nixed that idea. I hate starting bawdy rumors!! 😉
    Also — I totally got the War Games reference. Not geeky — suavely well-rounded.

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