I’ve missed a month of blogging? How did that happen?
Oh. Right.
Halloween + Making Halloween Costumes

Being 5 and getting to help sew your costume on a machine with a GAS PEDAL?

Dark Knight Batman. Cost? Zero dollars

Angry Bird. Cost? $6

Muddling through kindergarten decisions, a new convoluted school assignment plan, and a lot of the NCLB crap that I had been clueless about. I’m no longer clueless, but I am angry. That anger is for another day.

A birthday (E’s); my mother’s “emergency” appendectomy (not really, but I spent 2 days there anyway. How awesome am I?); a party (for 37 of our closest friends); followed by another birthday (Z’s). By the way, if anyone needs a mopey, pouty-like-a-13-year-old-girl whose personality is the exact opposite away from home, I’m considering rentals.

Yes, being the oldest, with a birthday 6 days after his younger brother sucks. For all of us. Intellectually, I understand (and empathize) all of the emotional upheaval of being a child. I remember how slowly time passes, the broken promises (where IS my trampoline and pet pig?). I understand a November birth means you wait 10 months for both your birthday AND Christmas. Emotionally, I’m having repeat fantasies of the biggest goodwill donation in history.

Crazy Woman with a Pinterest Problem was ramping up to severe party mania (or just a Thursday), but after a heavy dose of symbolic Prozac running out of time, she calmed down.

Me realizing beforehand that the time JB took off for mom’s surgery would mean that he couldn’t take vacation for Z’s birthday, as he had already done for E? Pure dumb luck. Yes, it caused a heavy dose of extra sibling stuff. Yes, I solved that by throwing cupcakes and Mario Kart at them. Never say food and video games can’t heal.

So maybe, I didn’t get to the Inspector Gadget hats, or cardboard box city, as planned. I did make foam Agent badges. I planned on making I Spy gift bags, but JB hid them from during the party, so I forgot. Dyed rice is really cool for sensory table stuff, though.

Rice + Food Dye + Vinegar.

Pinata. Cost? About 25 cents.

Nothing says "crafting" like beer and sharp rotary tools.

Yup. Badges.

I won’t ever do the Made in China party favor bags again (related, I will never take Small People into a Party City again, either). At the last minute, I made another birthday mix CD (detective-themed music, of course). Though my CD envelopes were Mater napkins.

Having friends that won’t judge you for these things? Priceless.

Crap, Thanksgiving is next week? Which means Christmas is… Oy, I’ll pull out those boxes and find all of the crafty home-decor-things I was going to finish from last year. And I didn’t even KNOW about pinterest last year.

But secretly? I’m glad I’m so cheap… er, frugal. I love the challenge of being creative, and I hate being bored. Or paying retail.

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