A Whole House to Myself

Remember when I wrote about how sad I was that my husband had pinched his nerve? Totally focusing on my sympathy for his pain whining about the unfairness of my life. I’d love to say I started that disappointing weekend with grace, wearing my big girl panties, but that would be a big ol’ fat lie. I came out of it okay, though.

Now, this past weekend when they actually left? The valuable insights gained just from 2 precious days of being responsible for just a couple of dogs? No whining? No fighting? No butt wiping– other than my own? A full night of no-husband-snoring, diagonal across a king-sized bed, sleep?

More glorious than a 5 star luxury spa. I even learned some stuff.

What I learned:
1) that I married well. Even in the age of involved fathers and equal parenting, I don’t know many men who would take 2 kids to the in-law’s house for the weekend, and install new kitchen floors for his MIL.

2) that 2 consecutive days alone in my home (maybe twice a year?) will save us thousands of dollars in future therapy costs. Mine and theirs.

3) that I still can’t get through my To Do list, even if it’s a Want To Do list. Apparently the only thing I’m Pollyanna about is how long it takes me to do stuff.

4) that I can actually sit still and watch TV. If the Sunday morning movies are Breakfast Club, followed by Encino Man.

5) that my dear friend was dead-on when she pointed out that social networking counts as interaction. The internet is my default go-to whenever I have some extra time. It’s like ADHD-crack– filled with information and sensory overload.

I’m going to explore that last point, tomorrow. But here, let me show you what I actually did.

Those 4 hours that I sat still? I scrap-booked. “Oh… what”, you ask? “Did you finish start Elliot’s babybook? Or maybe you finished started Zach’s? You printed and/or hung pictures that have been taken within the last 24 months?”

Um, let’s not get all crazy.

What I did do was gather 25 pounds of magazine clippings, some of them from 2005, which means that I both packed, and moved, those scraps from Durham to here. When I was still pregnant– with Zach. After so many years together, I felt kind of invested. From them, I created My Big Book of Ideas.

I had supplies– perk of having kids, really.

Now, all my ideas are nicely sorted.

And visually appealing, with my fancy scissor and cardstock usage.

What was once a scattered mess of paper, is now contained in one large binder and a few folders. This binder makes me so happy, I smile every time I look at it. Which also, I do believe, fully cements my place in the Geekdom. Not that there were any doubts, of course.

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