You Spin Me

Vertigo, or as I like to think of it: You spin me right round, baby
right round like a record, baby
Right round round round
You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round

Yes, you are all most welcome for next few days where that bad 80s song-now-remade-because-original-thought-is-dead will spin round in your head.

My head spinning thing is more about some really obnoxious dizziness mixed with crushing fatigue. Fatigue on adderall? See, that’s just not right.

And after being all good-adult and getting a physical last week my lab results came in. Is my thyroid whacked out like I hoped, thus giving reason the inexplicable 10 pound weight gain in February? And also allowing for a super simple better-living-through-chemistry pill fix?

Nope, thyroid is fine.

Am I like all other women and anemic?

Nope, just the opposite, in fact. Instead of being iron deficient, I am iron overloaded. Which leads to more tests, and some hours spent with Dr. Google. As it turns out my lab tests most closely resemble the pattern of thalassemia, except for that not being Indian, Asian, or African. Unless someone has something to tell me– RIGHT NOW.

There are some other possibilities, none of which make me feel warm and fuzzy– at all. My follow up is this Friday, and I’ve vowed to stay off WebMD (and/or the office of Rare Diseases) until then. I’m drinking water like a good girl. Coffee and tea, too– since they block iron absorption. Oy, can you imagine how high my iron would have been without my excessive drinking of those particular liquids?

My Vitamin D is also too low, so I’ve been popping those like candy. Like really large, kind of burpy candy, but still. I kind of want an EKG since I’ve been on those amphetamines for like a decade and heart issues are spread like a not-so-comfy quilt on both sides of the family tree. How about a whole body scan, hmmm?

Getting old. It really is eye opening. Not clearly visioned, since I also need glasses. But opening.

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