I Dislike Driving: SOC Sunday

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There are many, many things I like about being married. All of those lovey-dovey gushy things, but that’s not what this is about. One of my favorite things about being married are road trips–at least once I’m in the car.

Why? Because my driving makes JB so nervous that he almost never lets me do it. Which means that I, an introvert who spends way too much time taking kids places gets to sit in the passenger seat and do… whatever. That whatever can include goofing off on that lovely smartphone of mine, reading a book, staring out the window. Or, like today, doing all of those things and then planning an alternate route home to avoid the interstate travelers that were rubbernecking the tornado damage from last week’s storms.

Don’t they know that staring is rude? I mean, it was obvious from their license plates that most of them were not from ’round here, but still. The long way home is more scenic, to be sure, but I was really pissed off that people were staring at the damage to my home, like it was some kind of show or something. It’s different if you’re from here, if you recognize what the landscape used to look like. I can abide that. But not the other.

Time’s up.

3 thoughts on “I Dislike Driving: SOC Sunday

  1. I like to drive and so does my husband so we switch off. But for long trips, he usually takes the wheel and I take the role of navigator. I have to curtail my smartphone behavior or he starts to feel ignored!

  2. Oh man, I know how you feel about driving— Before kids, I always liked driving, but now I always let my husband do it because, as you wrote, there’s so much I can do with that free time!

    Sorry about your home 🙁

  3. I never get to be the passenger anymore. 🙁

    Scott can’t fit behind the steering wheel if Em’s carseat is behind him. Well, he fits, but he has to scrunch. Should make our upcoming Florida trip very interesting. :-\

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