I’m a Ninja

Or am I? I have a thousand million (that’s some Zach numerical reporting right there) things to say, but I really don’t want to be on a computer tonight… I know, I know– can you believe? Someone write that shit down.

I have this one pair of black silk (snort– Target satin) pajamas that I bought for myself so that I’d look all put together in the pictures for Zach’s first christmas. I love these pajamas. Why? Because I’m a tosser/turner and the silk (satin) makes it so much easier to flop around without getting caught up in the sheets.

Yes, I’m serious– recently a pair of pajamas were donated to the goodwill because of their inhibition of the tosser/turner.

About a year ago, Zach was having regular nightmares about some black door monster thing that was going to eat his brains. Imagine his amplified terror the night I went to his room to comfort him during aforementioned nightmare. In my black pajamas. Here I thought I was providing mom-hug-comfort, when in his mind I was the real-life Black Door Monster, snatching him screaming from his bed, crushing him in a tight, escape-proof grip.

Poor kid.

The nightmare pajama story is only significant 1) because it’s funny (now), and 2) I’ve been recast as a ninja since I was wearing them tonight while reading one of the Magic Treehouse books.

Sidebar—> I love this book series. Considering the rate at which I’m hiding superhero books, and pulling out these chapter books, I think I love them a teensy bit more than Zach. I adore that Morgan le Fay is a main character, because I could answer questions about her thanks to my past obsession with the Avalon series by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The bonus of historical fiction reference? Delicious shivers. Again with the superheroes, I’d much rather play magical priestess than Wonder Woman or lame-o Bat Girl. Priestess costume just requires a bathrobe and a headband. And priestesses kick major butt–no muscled superhero counterpart necessary. Tell me I’m not a feminist…

So now I’m a ninja. Do ninjas rock black silk (satin) pajamas with an Eggo undershirt? This ninja does.

One thought on “I’m a Ninja

  1. As a TERRIBLE bed fidgeter I have never once considered the restriction my sleepwear might have on my ability to move around. Other than the fact that I don’t understand how anyone can sleep in nightgowns. So basically, you’re the equivalent of a shaved swimmer? Hmmm… I may have to re-evaluate my jersey fleece.

    Love that you’re a chick ninja. With waffle-eating powers.

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