Be The Adult, Part II

As promised, the story of Little Snot. Listen, LS– you are already at a friend-making disadvantage because your attending parent happens to be the only Dad in the room. And, for the record–Moms, dissing Dads just because they are male is a super lame attitude. Hello, reverse sexism. Though, E and I missed the first class, perhaps you all knew something I only found out about today. I tried to be nice to the Dad, because I’ve actually known some stay at home dads and I don’t like dissing Those With Penis’s at the playground, pool, or music classes. If I have found being a SAHM isolating, I cannot imagine how lonely the average SAHD must get. And seriously, if the SAHD is there to pick up chicks, dating is likely going to remain a problem for him. Once you are part of the parenting alone during the day club, gender should not exist.

However, SAHD- when your LS continues to shove my kid, I’m now judging you as harshly as I judge other moms out in public. I remember that the best way of saying “hey, can we be friends” was accomplished by shoving, smacking, and later, for me the snapping of bra straps. Much like biting behavior, pushing is more about language deficiency than violence. Because I’m an adult, I get all of that. However, also because I’m an adult, when my kid pushes another kid (especially, gasp— a stranger!) I correct them. In the same way I keep putting broccoli that I know won’t get eaten on the plate– Over and over and over and over again, until it sinks in. Unless it’s the one time you scream a curse word out at a bad driver– that stuff they get right away.

E did us all proud by repeating, “THAT’S NOT VERY NICE” and–most importantly– not giving up his spot in front of the flower bucket to the kid that outweighed him by a good 15 lbs. Or pushing Little Snot back. That said, he also refused to play with Little Snot on the playground and I payed for being nice to the SAHD when he creepily walked followed us to the car and stood right behind me while I put E in the car seat.

For the love of all that is hardness of being a parent– just, please remember to Be The Adult. Even when it’s embarrassing and headache-inducing.

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