A Ton of Rock

No seriously, a whole TON of rock will be delivered to my doorstep some time over the next few days. Along with 10 cubic yards of mulch. Spring is coming! Spring is coming! The season of SAD is almost over! Projects, soil, growing things! Losing weight without having to run on my hamster wheel (aka the treadmill)! Too many exclamation points!!!!

I took Z with me to the rock quarry type place to pick stuff out. This would be the second visit to this local business, since the first was prematurely terminated by E’s attempt to jump over the counter and attack the be-wigged receptionist. She was not amused. Thus I turned the whole errand into a special Z and Mom field trip to look at rocks and diggers and a 8 story conveyor belt. Big perk? The owner works on Saturdays, is considerably more laid back, and waved Z over to a mountain of pea gravel saying “have at it, son” to the hopeful, “can I climb it” request. Same permission applied for touching the bobcat, backhoe, and other assorted big-boy toys.

I hope this all helped distract my over-anxious kiddo from his adenoidectomy on Monday. Whoops? Did I forget to freak out about that? Well, second Dr. ENT (a huge improvement over the first one) looked at Z’s health history, his environmental allergy results–which were basically nonexistent, by the way–and poked around up his nose. “We’ve got a boy with giant adenoids, his tonsils are fine” was the official diagnosis and out they come not-so-bright-and-early on Monday morning. Still no eating after midnight, even though his procedure is scheduled at 10:15am. Poor kid. Well, not so poor kid since his Mom is going to wake him up to drink a milkshake at 11:30pm.

What? That’s before midnight. Even gremlins were okay as long as it was before midnight.

E gave me his ear infection, so now we’ve both had our first one. But, but ear infections aren’t contagious, all of you ear-infection-parents protest. Yeah, well. I gave him some hippie ear drops, he freaked out, I showed him in my ear, and there you have it. Ear infections are often viral (though the short eustachian tubes in kids can turn it bacterial reasonably quick). That viral part would totally explain why that first round of antibiotics didn’t work, hunh? So hippie drops (aka homeopathic medicine) worked in about 4 days. Versus the almost 3 weeks worth of antibiotics. Um, yeah. Hippie drops for $5, please.

On a whole series, of “wow, ain’t life grand” I switched both of them from our old pediatrician to the family doc I see and finally–for the first time ever– had a doctor look at E and say, “what? Do you come from a family of giants? He’s just constitutionally small.” Which coincided nicely with E’s very annoyed response to her introduction: “I’M JUST FINE“. So I can stop the roller coaster ride of my finally getting comfortable with the fact that there isn’t anything medical wrong with the kid, only to start another round of unnecessary tests. Yeah, done with ALL of that. Now we can start focusing on the real important stuff like “teeth aren’t for biting” and “stop headbutting your brother while he’s asleep”. Finally.

JB talked me out of purchasing a $1900 swing set that we can’t afford and instead we are going to get a helicopter teeter totter. Have you ever seen such a cool thing?

4 thoughts on “A Ton of Rock

    • Nothing ever comes in the mail but bills and junk. The main umph behind my productivity is to get them in the backyard. Alone.

  1. Are you seriously getting the helicopter? Don’t toy with me. Because I’ve seen it, and desperately wanted it. And Jenny and I will NEVER leave your yard. I may throw in the cow after all. Heck, we may rethink that whole move-to-Canada thing.

    I’m very excited by your rock project. This is why I need to just hurry up and move. So that I can have some sort of permanence to put the kind of effort and money into that kind of thing. And, you know, go back to nice lovely brown dirt to have a decent garden. I’ll mail you tomatoes. Ooh, why don’t I do a raised bed in YOUR yard? That’s a great idea.

    More exclamation points for everything with Z and E getting sorted out.

    • The helicopter– yeah, I think I am getting it. Probably next weekend so Z will spend his days recovering on the couch like he’s supposed to! 😀

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