Let’s wrap up 2010

Let’s wrap up 2010 since it’s already January 2011 and I want to talk about other, more interesting (at this point) stuff. My personal challenge was to only select 15 pictures for the whole post. Ahem…well, goals are goals–not absolutes, right?

Zach kept moping around the house because we didn’t have enough decorations, so I bought this cheery little banner from the local Target. Then I noticed it was misspelled. Then I posted the picture of facebook and spelled misspelled wrong (mispell). Snort. Oh yeah, that banner’s getting laminated.

What are stockings, if not really soft, slightly furry socks?

I took them to parades, the first being the big city parade where I–GASP–did not bring my camera. Having a friend whose family tradition includes pounds of food, a wagon, blankets, and a staked out corner, in a well-placed spot is also nice.

But I mean, going to a small-town parade can’t be beat. Floats pulled by tractors. That are for sale. The adult entertainment quotient was awesome. And the children loved it because they each scored about 2 lbs of candy.

“I do solemnly declare that I love all food. As long as it comes in tiny packages and is filled with sugar and food dye. I also solemnly declare that if that bitch who calls herself Mommy tries to take said candy away from me that I will cut her while she sleeps.”

These dollar-bin antlers antlers lasted exactly 5 minutes before they needed superglue. Superglue got them through the holiday.

And served as official engagement jewelry. As with all males, Zach didn’t even notice her putting them on him until the deal was sealed. Someday his wife will complain about my son the way that I complain about my husband. No.Matter.What.I.Do.

Then we moved on to presents. I have now released all guilt about video game playing. Why? Because my dear friend pointed out that the future for our children is less pencils, more typing. And he’s working that stylus like a pro. It’s a good thing, guilt release.

You would think that the initial reaction from a 4 year old with his very own remote control Monster Truck would be joy and gladness. Nope, there are a series of Christmas pictures that very clearly shows his dismay and grief. It’s times like this that I’m glad I take so many pictures, because I notice stuff that would have totally slipped my attention otherwise.

Why so sad? Because Elliot’s Santa gift happened to be his very own Geotrax train. And unfortunately, E’s new train was a dead-ringer for the Bull and Bruno (aka: his precious, 2009). Which wouldn’t be a huge deal, except that was his sole focus last year and The Toughest Team is discontinued product that is still “acting” in the Fisher Price-included proganda movie. I…er, Santa…had no choice but to purchase a gently used model off of Ebay. Then, a few months after Christmas, it broke– like electrical wires that had been re-soldered by the previous owner, broke. Santa Fail…er, me… #1.

Little did we know that Santa Fail #2 was imminent. The damn remote control Monster Truck (aka: his precious, 2010 broke, too. As in, only goes forward and backward, no left and right. Well, as another friend pointed out, better that he be pissed off at Santa than us. And I totally replaced broken Monster Truck with Way-Too-Expensive-Monster-Truck that does flips and lands on its wheels. Yes, I am an absolute (and unrepentant) hypocrite. Oh, I also paid extra for two-day shipping. See, he never actually told anyone that his Monster Truck didn’t work- he just put it on the counter and waited until we noticed that he wasn’t playing with his new, most-wanted Christmas present. That just makes the ol’ Grinch in me want to cry. It’s not like I noticed it was up there right away, either. It took a few days before it registered to me that there was a truck on my kitchen counter. Cuz I roll like that.

Ah, Mother Nature, way to pull out a day-after-Christmas snow storm that kept everyone home for 4 days. Two days too long, but only if you are over the age of 25.

That is Snow-bot, in his fully glory. The black eye and ball gag are a bit strange… but you work with what you got, I guess.

Hell, when you’re 4% body fat, the snow gets cold, cold, cold.

The Santa thing is turning out to be difficult for an ADHDer to maintain. Especially one who 1) talks a lot, 2) talks loudly and 3) lives in a small house. Who gave birth to a sneaky kid who likes to eavesdrop. And has older cousins.

Ah-ha! A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Photo-editing is quick, quick, quick when you’re audience is four and not looking for discrepancies. Of course, with the then-unknown Santa Fail #2, Zach is probably thinking more about how santa claus should work supervise the elves more, instead of eating enormous hunks of fudge that look like fried chicken.

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  1. you made a snow hitler! glad most everyone enjoyed the snow. It was cool to see Jersey get a foot and freak out. It was a neurotic kinda freak out—–ah to be with your family on the holidays.

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