NO, don’t throw that away

Last week I had the brilliant idea to actually write all of our plans on the calendar and then to enter all of the calendar dates onto my Droid. And though you not be impressed with a seemingly innocuous task, to me it is being organized, and organization is the bane of Scattermom.

I have a plethora of organizational plans, but very few workable systems. The very few with an actual system? Well, after a decade I am coming to accept that my systems don’t make much sense to the differently-brained folks (e.g., the husband) in my house. Which leads to either me putting everything away, or things being shoved into various boxes/closets/drawers for another day. Guess which one is happening?

I will confess that the biggest issue is just having too many things that don’t need to live here anymore. Things that needs to be donated or sold. The other issue is fast becoming my arch nemesis–the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle movement is morphing in to “NO, don’t throw that away! I’m going to make (insert insanely creative idea that may/may not work out) out of that”.

Which promptly leads to my unfinished projects. The dozens and dozens of unfinished projects. The top four that are making my very soul ache with the want to do them:

1) Five different boxes of ceramic/granite tiles (3 of which I actually packed and moved here from our old house) that are going to morph into a mosiac top for the patio table I don’t own yet. Or something like that.

2) Two bags of concrete for making stepping stones (I cannot bring myself to pay $5 bucks a piece for the pre-made ones–I tried.) Predictably, I remembered my Stepping Stone Plan on unrelated Lowe’s trips thus neither bag is the correct mix. On the bright side if the correct mix ever makes it home, I already own the concrete stain, molds, and masonry tools from other, unrelated concrete project plans. (I have a small obsession with working with concrete–it’s adult play doh!)

3) A really cool broken lamp–and the kit to fix it–both of which I’ve had for more than 5 years.

4) Two side tables that were mostly just taking up space in the living room–now legless–that will become a lovely TV table. After which, the current TV cabinet can be re-purposed into into a pantry/storage solution for the kitchen. (Seriously, I know those plans might sound off to a lot of you…and that’s okay–I like being different.)

We also have a mostly-unfinished basement with the potential for another 1200 square feet of usable space. Do you know what I could do with another 1200 square feet? I’ll tell you what I am doing with it–about 400 of it is set up as a family room (e.g., repository for miscellaneous, unmatched furniture) and the remainder is full of other stuff. Oh, and the washing machine and dryer.

There is the random “I can use that for XYZ someday”, and the Clearance Shelf items that I noticed and thought, “oh, it would be cool to know how to do that” (e.g., knitting needles) down there. The family heirlooms (which Joel refers to as crap-abilia). My Cabbage Patch Kids (I can’t give away Annabella Ingrid, I have adoption papers for her!) and other assorted dolls finally evicted from my mother’s house. And the six or seven bags of Other Self’s clothes that I will wear again. It’s not like I’m even totally ignoring the stuff by avoiding the basement–I do a lot laundry. But when I get that motivation to go downstairs make some sense of it–once and for all–I only make it about 30 minutes before my misfiring, sensory-overloaded neurons send me upstairs in need of an alcoholic beverage.

Since I actually know real people that start one project before moving on to the next one, I blame my ADHD. Medication or no, lifelong habits are hard to break. My husband is one of those start/finish one project kind of people–or would be…had he married someone else. Don’t feel sorry for him though–there was ample warning when we moved in to our first apartment after college and all of his possession fit into a Saturn Coupe. I needed a 17 foot Uhaul. Obviously he was blinded with love, but still.

And how does all of this circle back to writing commitments down on a calendar? After I noticed that the only free weekend we had this month fell over Labor Day, I promptly made plans to finish the kitchen backsplash (ignored since 2008), repaint the living room, and build the aforementioned TV table. All while parenting our children.

And, oh we started all of them. Yet, as of today–the Thursday after Labor Day–we’ve finished not a one. Which means that most of my kitchen and living room currently resides on the floor of our bedroom.

Maybe someday I’ll tell y’all about the abomination that is my computer directory. Or maybe you can just imagine it for yourself. Right now I’m off to paint some trim and steadfastly ignore the urge to scrape the popcorn off our ceilings.

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