I am the Chicken

I want a t-shirt, complete with headless chicken, that says “I am the chicken”. It’s kind of morbid, I know. At some point over the past week, I decided that happily embracing the bustle of my life makes much more sense than being all Eeyore over it. I don’t want to be Eeyore; I want to be Tigger. There is no use in trying to pretend I’m ever going to be one of those cool, calm folks that make it through life with planned intent. No matter what is going on my life–whether routine or special circumstance–I often find myself running around in circles in order to get anything done.

And you know what? The world needs the steady and the bouncy–both of us have a place.

This is a snippet of my life over the past week:

    ~Mom had knee replacement surgery.
    ~Joel brings the Small People down so that he can go back to work.
    ~I entertain Small People in a semi-child-proofed house, since temperatures outside hovered near 100 degrees.
    ~Mom comes home.
    ~I entertain Small and Large People. The Small People are getting restless, managed to eat some HFCS,* and start to bounce. Not off the walls, but on the mini trampoline I was smart enough to bring.
    ~Joel comes for the weekend and we all play musical beds.
    ~My Aunt flies in from Chicago, I get a two day break back home, where I try to squeeze in rest, chores, and errands.
    ~I spend some quality time by myself–lots of time being surrounded by lots of people is not particularly good for my attitude.
    ~Rinse, repeat.

    *I must admit, having the behavior to validate why we avoid the HFCS to begin with was worth the insanity that followed.

I don’t actually mind my headless chicken routine, even though it’s not been easy for anyone. If anything, at least it’s a little break from my normal headless chicken routine, which makes it interesting by default.

Beyond that, the boys got to watch this thing– a mudox I think the utility guys called it–go back and forth from the street to the creek that runs behind my mom’s house.

Then the utility guys offered to let them drive it. Oh, the good times.

Further on the bright side, even more on the bright side, I get to see my one of my closest friends tomorrow; it’s Fourth of July and we are taking the boys to their first real fireworks show. That is going to be FUN!

Cluck-cluck, folks.

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