When you do something that sucks

You have to own up to it. Here’s my “own up”.

When you read a lot of blogs, especially those that are relatable to your life, things start to run together. For some bloggers, the lines between your own original thought and creatively rewriting someone else’s thoughts are blurry to the point of nonexistence.

I don’t want to be one of those bloggers. But I–unintentionally–did exactly that last night. I saw a friend today that I hadn’t seen for several weeks. Which reminded me this evening that I enjoy her blog, but I hadn’t checked in recently.

Apparently, just opening the homepage was enough for me to remember why what I was writing last night seemed familiar to me. I even checked to see if I had written about the same damn thing already. No, I hadn’t written about it. I started flipping through her archives, getting progressively more anxious. Only to fully realize that several months ago she wrote a post about being overwhelmed and I nodded and grimaced right along with her. But that was in April, this is June, and I forgot that I had read it. Well, at least I consciously forgot, obviously my subconscious memory remembered just fine. Too bad my subconcious doesn’t speak up more about milk and bread. Oh, and maybe next time I am about to plagerize someone, it could speak up then, too.

Plagiarism annoys me–too many English classes and term papers. Taking credit that isn’t yours annoys me more–too many years being the grunt under a bunch of Senior Level Management. So, now I get the pleasure of being annoyed with myself.

Em-barr-assed and Horrified.

Really, the 6 year old in me just wanted to delete the post and pretend no one in our circle had seen it. But that goes against that “take the consequences for your actions” speech that I heard almost daily growing up. Plus it’s stealing. So, here’s the grown-up, blogosphere equivalent to taking the ill-gotten candy bar back to the Manager at the Grocery Store. C–I’m so sorry, dude. What can I say beyond, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?” But only when you source it.

4 thoughts on “When you do something that sucks

  1. I feel better.

    “Omg the drugs have totally addled your brain” Well, there’s no denying that, for sure. The problem with ADHD medication is that while it helps the focusing problem, there is no way to guide what you are focusing ON.

  2. You are WAY too hard on yourself! I agree, not plagiarism at all. Just similar people in the same boat expressing similar thoughts. 🙂

  3. Omg the drugs have totally addled your brain – every single mom in our circle could’ve written the posts we wrote!! It’s not like you copied my experiences or hilarious, well-written and incredibly intelligent stories and passed them off as your own. Which is what my sister likes to do.

    I get ideas for posts from other blogs ALL the time – I read stuff and think, ‘hmm, yes, I should write about how crazy my first serious relationship was’. Since it was a high-school romance, I’m pretty sure that a lot of what I write will be very similar to what other people write. Do I think that is plagiarism? Hells no. Who didn’t force their first boyfriend to buy them a heart-shaped promise ring then refuse to sleep with them at prom?

    I appreciate that you’re sensitive to it. And that now you’re going to be checking my blog more often :-). But I refuse to accept an apology where none is due. So suck it. Own your post. Leave my crappy whining where it belongs.

  4. I wouldn’t count that as plagiarism; I would say you’re both describing your reactions to common circumstances of modern parenthood.

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