I am smarter

…than my 3.5 year old. At least for today.

If you read my post Cooking for Small People then you will remember that I am becoming increasingly frustrated with cooking and feeding the people in this house.

Today I looked at a pound of ground beef and just groaned. Zach won’t eat spaghetti sauce…and I’m damn tired of spaghetti anyway. What I wanted was meatballs. Meatballs present a challenge because they are both allergic to eggs. However, thanks to my trusty friend google, I found an eggless meatball recipe. We had leftover rice, onions, and peppers. Meatballs over rice smothered with sauteed peppers and onions (cooked on the side–there’s no way in hell I’d have gotten either of them to eat onions). Since it’s raining like mad today I started my sales pitch by yelling in the worst Italian accent ever heard–“it’s cloudy, we are having meatballs” (get it–Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?)

Zach was excited by the meatballs, but immediately started in with the “I doesn’t want sauce, Mommy”. To his demands, I did immediately acquiesce. I pulled out the ketchup bottle and poured about a 1/2 cup over them and said, “see, no sauce. Just ketchup”. He smiled–as if in victory–and walked away.

At which point I dumped 2 cups of spaghetti sauce over the ketchup, stirred, and sat down to smirk.

Guess who gobbled up the meatballs? Guess who looovvvveeess meatballs with ketchup?

Guess which Mom is going to keep the empty ketchup bottle, fill it with spaghetti sauce and an extra can of tomato paste?

You are all smart people, I bet you guessed the answers to all of those, didn’t ya?

Of course, Elliot–lover of spaghetti sauce–refused to have anything to do with the meatballs in ketchup. He protested by dumping his plate of meatballs over his head, but no matter, I still claim tonight’s dinner a victory.

Obviously the only way to win this battle is through cunning and strategery.

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