When I grow up

Because I haven’t yet. So there.

Occasionally I find myself looking around and wondering what I’m going to do with myself once both of these kids are old enough to go to school. A career? A job? A Junior League volunteer (unlikely). A student? Hmmm…can I work out being a lifelong student? Wait, I didn’t really enjoy going to class when I was in college the first (and second) time.

I feel like I should be using my time more wisely right now and making more long-term plans. Um, or any long-term plans. Maybe even some plans that extend beyond making tacos tonight in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

Part of me wants to maintain my SAHM status while both of my kids spend the day occupied in school. Imagine the projects I could start, the gym-time I could log, and the friends with whom I could have focused conversations!

The other part of me (that part that is semi-firmly rooted in reality) knows that ain’t gonna happen. Those projects would still only be started, I probably wouldn’t go to the gym and apparently attending playdates without your kids is viewed as odd behavior.

Then there is the husband who looks to the future and my employment status with the same glee as he does the onset of college basketball season. Since I am an utter failure at being the most awesome housewife in existence, I doubt he’ll buy any new arguments I make to the contrary.

Which leads me back to my original concern about making decisions and plans. If my future career path includes additional education, and really, a bachelors degree in Sociology is uber marketable–not, I could get a head start on that school thing now. I guess I’d rather have a career than a job, but is that going to be realistic for me and raising these children or will I end up being the bestest retail manager, evah? Again. Oh, please, please not retail.

I really want to grow up and be Erin Brockovich. Is there a classified ad for that job?

3 thoughts on “When I grow up

  1. This is my battle as well. I never even went to college so I dont have a degree to fall back on. And there is no way in hell I want to go back to cosmetology. I’d love to write and get paid for it, but then that puts pressure on and I suck at deadlines.

    If you figure something out let me know. I think I have about 5 more years before I have to really worry. Of course, I’ll put it off until Soren is in his second month of kindergarten. Because I procastinate like that =)

  2. My neck hurts from nodding “yes” at the computer. This has been a battle in my own head for years…and I just recently came up with a workable solution (actually, my husband did, but I like to think it was me).

    As far as the Junior League? Meh, maybe if I could do it as an undercover cop cracking a case…or as someone in the witness protection program. No way I’d do it for real. I’ll settle for using their cookbooks. Did you say you had tacos? Those sound yummy…

    Whatever you decide to do or not do, as talented a person as you are, I assure you that you will be damned good at it.

  3. I am you, 3 years ago. I joined the Junior League. Duane said, “you’ll hate it, you won’t stick with it”. “Yes I will!” Three months, $400 later. I hated it. They’re super skinny and irritating. I’m not, (personal opinion), dropped out.
    Go back to school? Hell no, still payin’ for that M.S. I ain’t doin’ shit with. Do people with an M.S. say payin’ and doin’? I do, I’m from Fayetteville.
    On to the next plan. I joined the Y. I was big, lost some weight. Realized I really enjoyed exercise. Did in college, took 12 years sabbatical, and I still do. Me time. Sweat, don’t think, listen to music and burn calories. Not bad.
    Staying home is phenomenal. If you can afford it. You’ll be surprised at home fast the day goes. Drop kids off, clean a little, laundry, iron, gym maybe, read, pick said children up. Cook dinner, fix cocktail for husband (as the garage door is opening, THIS IS IMPERATIVE). Of course, you have already starting on a lovely glass of Merlot by now. Kids, hubby eat, dishes cleaned, kids in bath, off to bed. Tomorrow, start all over again. Before you know it, they’re going to start 2nd grade (Carson) and life is good. ENJOY the time when they’re young, you only get it once. And lunch with other moms, sans children, is refreshing.
    Pretty soon they’ll be in their rooms pretending you don’t exist. Ugh. I hate knowing that’s coming.

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