Losing your Prescription: ADHD in the Trenches

Losing your prescription is ADHD in the trenches. I mean, seriously, even I am rolling my eyes at myself.

(By the way- cafe press has some rocking ADHD stuff. Just saying).

Where was I? Oh, lost my script, right. Here I am, four pills left, with no clue where this month’s tiny scrap of paper (speaking of, why ARE prescription pads so small) has meandered off to. Is it where prescriptions have lived for the past 5 years? Nope. I have a vague memory of deciding that my wallet wasn’t the best place (WHY?) and choosing a better, safer spot. As long as safer means hidden then my plan was a success.

All of this is made worse by the ridiculous piles of random paper that litter every flat surface of my house. Despite my mediocre effort–I cannot, in good conscience, pretend that I am giving my best effort–to keep the clutter under control it permeates every available space.

I’m going to have to tear my house apart tonight. My hope is that I will find it in the process. My fear is that it inadvertently ended up in the trash during a previous purge.

I could call my doctor, but I doubt she’ll give me another script. The downside to taking a Class C narcotic, I suppose. Instead I will up my coffee intake (gasp) and buy some vivarin. Not optimal, but certainly better than unmedicated Stephanie.

Wish me luck, people. A true Scattered Mom looms on the horizon.

3 thoughts on “Losing your Prescription: ADHD in the Trenches

  1. I did that once with Xaviers ADHD refill. Somehow, from the parking lot to the Target pharmacy I lost it. I was in panic mode. I went home and scrabbled all over the house. Nothing. I called the DR in tears. While on the phone with them I had a another call come through. It was Target pharmacy. Someone found the prescription in the parking lot.

    I need my own meds.

  2. T- that’s my thought as well. If I could handle dealing with all of the paper I wouldn’t need the meds to begin with, KWIM?

  3. I think one of the greatest ironies of ADHD meds is that you’re expected to hold on to a PAPER prescription *and* actually remember to take your pills. Somewhere in a drug company there was a linear-thinking evil genius that said “Yeah, I’m gonna invent this med to help people with ADHD…but I’m gonna make it so they have to fill a PAPER prescription and I’m gonna make them have to remember to take it at least once a day. Bwuhahahahaha…I am ruling the world from a cubicle!”. Hope you find the script soon!

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