Elliot says “I wub you”

Kids say cute things, but “I wub you” is the best. Who doesn’t remember the first time their kid says “I love you”? Today was Elliot’s first time. A deep, heartfelt “I wub you” came out of his mouth after nap.

Did he say it to me? After all, I gave birth to him without the benefit of pain medication (or lamaze class). I nursed him every hour for almost 8 months. I, his mother, who loves him more than anyone else in the world?


Did he say it to Joel? The man who comes home from work every, single day (impressive in itself, honestly) early enough to rough-house and play the “real” guitar?


Did he say it to Zach? His brother, the three year old who manages to maintain control in situations of railroad-track, lego-tower destructions and other assorted asshole, little brother behaviors?


Ah- maybe he said it to either of our two dogs (Zach’s first love declaration was to Cruiser around this age). The dogs who tolerate the over-enthusiastic hugs that only a 17 month old is capable of delivering?


Elliot’s first declaration was to the pacifier (aka “binky”) that had escaped both his mouth and the bed. Seriously. He was whining and when I released him from his cell crib he beelined straight for the escapee, and said, “BI-nky, wub you”.

Then he just as casually left the room.

Um, thanks son. Wub you, too.

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